June 05, 2016


CHECK YOUR FEELINGS - rugged breed

How many times do I have to say this, "It's all about how you feel". We tend to do things because of the feeling that it gives to us. Things doesn't matter, what matters is the feeling that a thing can give. That is why children were very easy to please and their happiness is not so deep. Just give them a toy and they will be happy, it doesn't matter if the toy is expensive or not, branded or not, it can still give happiness to children regardless of how much it cost.

You love a girl not because of how she looks or how pretty she was but because of the feeling you felt when she is around. And it is true, that is why celebrities change their partners every now and then, they were just attracted to the looks of their partners, they don't give too much importance on how they feel. Or maybe they thought that they were truly in love because they prioritized beauty and the looks of their partners is tricking their brains, but later they will learn that they don't really feel anything to their partners, especially if their partners doesn't look gorgeous to them anymore.

If you are in the middle of your task and you were always making mistakes, check your feelings, are you worried? in a hurry? in doubt? scared? If you are constantly feeling negative emotions then you will really make a lot of mistakes. That is why sometimes you need to take a break, analyze what is going on, breathe deeply. You need to somehow rest your mind and stop the mental warfare going on inside of your head. You need to bring back your emotion to default and that is being calm and carefree.

Emotions can either make you or break you. You should be aware of how you feel every now and then so you can control the situation. That is why some people who exploded right away and exhibited rage didn't know what they are doing anymore. They make violent actions without controlling themselves and when their anger stops... they were full of regrets and they also don't know how come they commit such unacceptable behaviors. They were very shy of what they've done because that was not their true selves, emotions got the best of them.

Your feelings will control you if you don't guard it, sometimes you are not the same person anymore if your feelings get the best of you. You do stupid things that are out of control, you say hurtful words that you don't really meant. You hurt people and you make decisions that you don't even think about first. You only think of letting people know that you are angry and want some revenge, you are not being you.

But when you are happy and you feel positive, everything goes well, everything flows smoothly and it seems like you can't even make a mistake, you are in the zone and everything you need falls in its designated place.

Positive feelings will give you positive results, negative feelings will give you misery and shame. You can still feel positive even if you are suffering, once you mastered this... there is no challenge that you can overcome, you can control the situation rather than the situation controls you.

Choose to feel good or just think positive whenever things aren't going well, sooner or later the negative feeling you have will change to positive. Guard your emotions every now and then, your emotions will be your ticket to success and happiness.