June 08, 2016


Oh! the guy in the news proposed to her girlfriend without clothes, how sweet it is. You think you are part of the celebration, you too are happy even though you have no connection with that couple. How kind of you. You're so touched, you feel like you're in love too but you don't have a partner, your imagination starts to kick in, you waste your precious time again.

Your favorite team in the NBA won championship, you were so happy, you feel like your part of the team, wow! what a good day! Your pocket didn't got thick, your life didn't improve but you were so happy, wow what a good life!.You celebrate the victory of others, but how about your victory? how is it doing?

Celebrating someone's action or victory without your participation is insanity. You feel happy even though you gain nothing, you feel like you are part of the action even though you mean nothing to them. You cheer, you celebrate, you spread the news to your friends... the question is this, did your life change by doing that?

You are too much engaged by someone's victory, you feel bad when your idol is losing, you feel dismayed when your favorite team or fighter is defeated. Does those events have a deep connection in your life? and let's say there is, but how would those events gonna make your life better?

When you saw something on news or social media that is somehow attention grabbing, you will celebrate too, you will invest some emotions, what you don't know is you are wasting a lot of time. Instead of using your energy to a more useful activity, you waste it by some things that are irrelevant to your life.

I am not saying that being happy for others is bad, what makes it bad is you are so much hooked and you can't move on, you are wasting a lot of time, your day is affected and you cannot operate at your best. It's ok to become happy for others but not to the point where you are giving some part of your life and sometimes you are even participating some debates or forums about events that has nothing to do with your own life.

CELEBRATE YOUR OWN ACTION. Celebrate your own victory and not the victory of others, it's not about being selfish, it is about living your life to the fullest and experiencing that you too can become victorious. You too can experience some good shits in life and you are not here to just cheer some mediocre victories. You are here to create big things that doesn't need to be exposed because it will be exposed naturally because of the powerful energy that it have.

If there is someone who posted some kind of a dance craze, fancy bridal proposals, small victory or whatever that's main purpose is to just show off, just ignore it, be happy for a second, like it if you want then forget it. Do your own work, make your own victory and celebrate your own action. Stop being a spectator, be a doer.