June 27, 2016


Being yourself is one of the most difficult thing to do as a human being because a lot of eye brows will raise if they see or hear something from you that they don't like. That is why people can't be themselves if they needed to because they always seek for approval and they don't want to offend somebody.

But the sad thing is success wants people who can become themselves, so if you are a shy type person who is afraid to show his feelings and speak his mind then good luck to your life. Yo will eat dust in the corner, you will just watch others succeed while you whine and self sabotage.

The thing is this, you don't need to always be yourself 24 hours a day because that is a very difficult thing to do. There will be some instances where you need to fake yourself. For example, in a party, you need to dress accordingly. You need to follow the dress code even if you don't like to dress the way they imposed it. Another example is in a job interview, of course you have to make some lies to cover up your weakness. If you have a bad history, you need to tweak the story a little bit so the company will hire you.

But sometimes, because of too much pretensions that you do everyday, you literally forgot how to be yourself. You don't know how to react in a certain type of situations anymore. You've been faking your life for so long and now you almost become a fake clown full of lies.

There will be times when you really need to be yourself. When I say be yourself, you really need to show your true colors and you don't need to hide anything about your personality. The universe knows who is true and who is a poser. So you better check where you at.

Situations where you need to be yourself even just for a few minutes. 

1. Courting a girl or talking to your crush. You need to show your true colors, your natural way of talking, standing, laughing etc. You need to show the real you because being yourself is the most attractive asset. People will be turned off to you if you will pretend to be somebody that you are not. Even if your jokes are corny, use it. Even if you don't know a lot, then be it. Showing your true colors is very attractive, you will look so natural, confident and a man that can be trusted. You will be able to say things that are very interesting and people will pay attention to you. Unlike someone who is just pretending to be someone else who he is not... he will make mistakes, all of his actions will look awkward. It will be seen on his actions that he is trying to impress somebody, he will look like a tense monkey begging for a banana.

2. You need to reject somebody. If rejecting someone will make your life better then why not do it? Most people were not becoming themselves because they don't want to hurt others'  feelings. They pretend that they were kind so people won't say anything to them. They want to maintain an image that is not helping them. Just for a few minutes you need to be yourself so you can say to them that you don't like their proposals or you don't like what they are offering or asking. If you cannot be yourself and follow what you really want then you will be abused forever.

3. You need to show them what you've got. When you are in an audition for something, when they ask you how good you are, what will you say? some people will say "I'm good and I think I am the right fit for the job. I will give my best" That is what most common people say, a little humble with some little confident effect. The thing is this... some people were holding themselves too much because they were afraid of being labelled as arrogant and over confident. Even if they knew they were the best, they don't talk about it or show it. They were shy, they don't want to impose their will. The result is... failure.

4. Correcting somebody. Correct someone if he is wrong, even if you have to offend someone, do it. Do it because if you don't do it you will be the one who will be in a bad spot. It is not that you think smarter than them but because you are 100 percent sure that you are right. Note: do this if the argument is really a big deal and life changing. Never put your self in an altercation about petty things such as who is the best? who does it first?, which is better?. Correct something if it has something to do with life or money or something that will be beneficiary to many.