June 18, 2016


Yeah you already fucked up from the past. You already do some stupid shits but are you going to let your life end that way? are you going to just accept the fact that you made mistakes and won't correct any of it?

You have an exam tomorrow (Monday) but you play PS4 the whole weekend, you still have at least 12 hours before exam. Are you just going to use it for sleep or are you going to stay awake the whole night reviewing some lessons? Yeah, you might be too late and you might not study all the coverage of the exam but you can still put something in your head. You can still review some formulas, some dates, some names. Well at least you are expecting some answers and you don't have to copy from your seatmate's answers.

You have a fight next week but all you do the last month is eat some burgers and drink some beers, you party everyday and now you are so overweight, you don't have cardio and you really feel so weak. But again, you still have seven days remaining, what will you do about it? Are you going to just let it pass by or are you going to do some things that will make you stronger a little bit? Even if the time remaining is very little, you still have to make yourself strong. You already made a lot of mistakes from the past but you still have some time to change it. You can still change your destiny and do the right things.

Remember, life is all about living in the moment, you already made mistakes but that was from the past. You can change now, you can do some better things. There is still time, it maybe little but there are still some things that you can do. Do everything to make your self stronger.

I am not a preacher of doing things late. It is much better if you can do your homework very early. The point here is if you are caught in a tight situation because of your irresponsible behavior... you still have some time where you can do small things. Even if you only have few minutes or seconds remaining, you can still do some positive things that will give you some confidence and belief to face the challenges in your life. It maybe late but you can still do something about it.