June 07, 2016


Not every person whose strong is perfect. They also have weaknesses, it just doesn't show because they were so focus on their strengths and they exhibit it powerfully. People cannot even see their weakness because their weakness was overwritten by their strength.

For example, Lebron James... as strong as he is, he also have a weakness. Sometimes his decision making isn't that strong and sometimes his outside shooting isn't working but once he decided to forget all his weakness and focus on his strength... no one in this world can stop hip, even the double team or triple team cannot stop him. You have to do illegal things that weren't allowed by the NBA just to stop him.

Some basketball players were very good in shooting and some were very good in driving, it doesn't matter what areas are you good at, the most important thing here is you  are not shy in doing where you are good at over and over again. It doesn't matter if you are repetitive, what matters is you are being able to express yourself and show them what you are capable of. Do the things that will make you win.

Sometimes trying your weakness and making it strong is only making you even weaker, it is because you don't love your weakness so why give focus on it? Forget if you can't do all things, forget if you are limited. Just do the things where you are good at and do it as long as you want. Do it as long as it is useful and you can get something on it.

Being strong is knowing that you have a weakness but you don't focus on that weakness, you focus all of your energy to what is working for you. You place your strength on the things that you can dominate. You don't care if people say you're not good at this or not good at that. You are ok being labelled as imperfect but you still get the job done. That is why there are some people who have only mastered one thing, they don't want to do other things because they were so focus on what is giving them results and good feelings.

Now, you have to accept that you are weak at something if you really wanted to become strong, just focus on the things that you can dominate. For example in playing guitar, some artists are weak in doing lead and some are very good in strumming. You don't need to do both if you don't like it, just focus on what you love and you think is making you wanting to play guitar everyday. Do your own style, forget about not being able to do some things, all you need to do is keep playing the style that you want and you don't need to show people that you are a perfect guitarist. If you do what you don't love to do, the consequence is you might stop playing.

Striving to become perfect will make you unauthentic and trying hard. Work hard on the things that you love the most, if you can't become good at one thing then just be good on some other things.

Look at some motivators, some of them were good in writing and some of them hates public speaking. It is ok if you only want to do what you know is best for you. You don't have to look invincible, there is nothing wrong on being a one trick pony for as long as you mastered that one style that you know. Keep in mind that you cannot become strong in everything, you cannot become perfect so if you can't be good at one thing just do some other things.

Even if you look like very predictable and boring, at least you are very good at one thing. Because that thing that you mastered will always be utilized and people will still appreciate you. It will show in every movement that you make, people will see that you are a professional and you are great.