June 20, 2016


Why are you so afraid of pain? why are you resisting pain? why are you so scared of feeling bad? Pain is just a feeling. For others it is a negative feeling but the reality is it is an element to become stronger.

You can't experience becoming stronger if you are refusing to experience pain. If you just want to drink a magic pill and expect to become strong then you are just dreaming, wake up and experience the real life. A life without pain is a life that has no growth.

Just be patient and feel it little by little, endure it, enjoy it and once you get accustomed to it, you will have an easier life.

All the pain do is make you stronger. All the rejection, all the endless hours of training and practicing, all the heartaches, all the failures, all the critics... it hardens you, it makes you a tougher person if you will just look at the positive side. If you will not get depressed about it and channel all of your energy to keep going then for sure you will go so far.

There is nothing wrong in feeling pain, it is normal, it is part of the process. The more pain you get, the stronger you will become. A life without pain is a boring life, it is very predictable and stagnant. You cannot experience real life without pain, because great success cannot be witnessed without passing pain first.

If you are experiencing a lot of pain right now, don't feel bad about it. Treat it as a blessing because it will make your personality tougher. Your endurance will will become very hard to defeat. You can count on yourself anytime you want, any big challenges will look like small. You will transform into a new person that can take charge anytime he wants. You will not be scared of failure because you already experienced it a million times before.

NO PAIN NO GAIN. This quote has been heard a trillion times before, it is scary but true, So if you don't want to feel stress, if you don't want to get hurt then don't ever dream of succeeding. Don't get me wrong, it is ok to just relax and live a mediocre life. There is nothing wrong about that, but if you want to experience a real life then be ready to accept pain.