June 07, 2016


A real artist doesn't need an instructor because art means expression. You express what is truly inside of you and you don't care if your works were appreciated or not. Just like the birds singing everyday, they sing even if the people around them gets annoyed or not, it is their duty to sing everyday, nobody needs to teach them how to do it, nobody can tell them to stop. They just sing unconsciously.

If you are really an artist stop looking for approval, stop taking courses about this and about that. Just express, never hold your idea, never hold your emotions. Fully express yourself, express how you feel, may it be anger, joy, regret or any kind of feeling. Express it in your works. Any form of true expression that has no lies or covering up will produce a very good output. It will be seen on the work you made, the emotions will trace all the details in your art.

It is ok to study in some universities that will teach you something but being technical means you are not being you. Professors will notice your mistakes but in reality there is no mistake in making arts. You just do what your heart tells you to do, there is no restriction here, ideas were infinite and everything is qualified. There is no limitation in art, no one has the right to judge an art if it is ugly or not.

Some artists just do the work because of money, these were not real artists .They do something because they want to market their works, they want people to like them. They were not genuine, a lot of artists like these were just copycats and reviving something, they use other's works to get some money, they don't want to experience pain to create a masterpiece. Let me remind you again copy cat artists, without pain you cannot reveal beauty.

What is it that you want to do? draw? write? paint? sculpt? JUST DO IT. Art is expression not an impression. Your work will be judge by your own eyes and not with others' eyes. You know in yourself if you really work hard for your creation. Every art is beautiful if the creator is having fun while doing his work.

And on more thing, if you keep doing art everyday... you will become a master. Time makes creation more beautiful, time gives art a soul. If people see that you are doing something for a very long time, they will be amazed at you and will appreciate your work even more. It is simple because you already mastered your craft and  you were already confident that your skill is one of a kind because you work hard for it.

Don't get me wrong, taking art lessons is also good, it only becomes bad when instructors are forcing you to do the things that you don't like or follow a specific style, you have your own style, if you are allowing someone to reshape your own style then you are on the wrong path. You will not be able to express your true feelings that will result to boredom and producing mediocre results. Instructors are there to just give you ideas and if you fall in love with their ideas, you can use them. You can tweak their ideas and add your own flavor.

You are your own instructor, you can create masterpieces by continuously doing arts everyday, you will learn lessons by simply doing. You will discover a technique of your own, you will become a master of your own domain.