June 08, 2016


There is no such thing as a perfect life. To those people who are dreaming of a perfect life you better think again. You can have all the money in the world, the fanciest cars, expensive clothes, big houses and healthy family but your life will never be perfect. Accept that there will always be some flaws along the way. Accept that not everyday is fantasy because life is all about balance, it is up to you how to balance your life and how to deal with the things that are not making you feel good.

A perfect life is an abnormal life. Look at those millionaires who were born rich and doesn't need to work anymore, they created problems for themselves, they make public scandals, they even stole even if they have a lot of money, they screwed their lives and sometimes people are wondering why are they destroying their reputations. The answer is very simple... they don't know what to do anymore, they don't feel any challenge in their lives that is why they were always looking for something that will make them feel alive. They experiment, they use drugs, abuse alcohol and any other destructive behaviors that ruined their perfect lives. In other words they were looking for some balance but they don't know how to find it. It looks like something is missing in their lives and they don't know what is it.

If there is no challenge, the joy won't last. You can get things fast but if you didn't suffer a bit to get it then they joy will just last for a very short time, sometimes it will last for just seconds. Examples are the lottery winners, they get rich so fast and they lost the money faster than they get it. They live like real millionaires and act like their money won't ran out. They don't experience the pain to become rich so they don't value what they get and they spend like there's no more tomorrow. And at the end of the day... they go back being poor again. There is no challenge that is why the happiness is just temporary.

If you have the ability to accept that life is not all about rainbows and butterflies then you will be able to live a pretty decent life, you can survive anything, you can adapt to any situation. You know that everything will be fine and there is no need to feel bad if you are in bad situation. You are ok with traffic, not so good environment, annoying people and any other elements that makes your life difficult.

Aiming for a life that has no problems will give you bigger problems. You will always dream of having a perfect life and that time won't come because from the very beginning you always thought that your life is not perfect. You will always find faults in every situation, you will curse your status because you wanted to live in a fantasy without experiencing some tragedy.