June 04, 2016


Appreciation is the best way to have an easier life. Appreciation is peace, it is satisfaction and knowing that you are blessed. Most people cannot appreciate the goodness in their lives that is why they live in misery even though they have a lot of things. Appreciation is good for your health, even if you are experiencing a lot of stress, if you are very appreciative then your problems will be overwritten by the joy that you are experiencing from appreciating simple things in life.

There are some people who can appreciate the small things in life and there are also some people who cannot even appreciate the big things in their lives, their endless pursue of bigger things never ends, they always compare themselves to others that is why they cannot become happy. Appreciation is very simple, it is just looking around and feeling the goodness of your life. You just need to think simpler and let go of your ego.

• Look for people who were less fortunate than you. Look around, there are lot of streetchildren, people who have no house, no food, no clothes and basically almost have nothing. Look at them closely and study their lives, you will find out that you are still very lucky because you can still pay a pile of bills, you can still eat in a clean restaurant, you have a house where you can sleep at night without having to worry about your safety or if it will rain very strong. You have clothes that you don't appreciate because of not being branded. You have all the basic needs in life, all you need to do is make your life prosperous if you want more. If you have all the basic needs in life then it means you are still very lucky and rich and there is nothing you should complain about.

• Appreciate the completeness of your body. You are very lucky if your body is complete especially if healthy. Some people were born with their body incomplete yet they still do good in life and strive to become successful. If no part of your body is missing then you can do everything. You have no excuses not to succeed because if you will look at other people who were incomplete... they were so motivated to become great and literally they are becoming great everyday. It will be easy for you to achieve success if your body is complete so be happy and appreciate it.

Appreciate every moment, even the bad moments. Every moment of your life is still a part of your life, even if you are having bad moments today, appreciate it still. Bad moments is just a part of your life and your life will not function completely without those bad moments. Appreciating every moment will give you a better feeling rather than shaming bad moments. Bad moments has a purpose and it will still give you something to learn if you will just think positively.

Always strive for greatness. Striving for greatness will show you how good you can be. Even if you didn't become the greatest, you will still appreciate life because you will see that it has a lot to offer. Striving for greatness will make you appreciate life even more because it will show you the best side of you. It will give you a lot of feelings that cannot be felt by just sitting and watching television. Striving for greatness will make you appreciate the little things in life because you will experience a lot of pain by doing it, you will experience a lot of hardship and it will open your eyes to being happy with just having some water to drink and air to breathe.

Learn that life is very short. This will make you appreciate life even more, learning that life is very short will put pressure on yourself to see the goodness in life by just being alive. Some people just live for months or even days, some people died earlier than they expected. If you can see that any given day you can die then you will give your best every single day, you will love stronger everyday. You will not take any second for granted, you will take every opportunity that was presented to you and you will not become angry at very little things because you will just focus on other things that will make you happy, you knew that being angry at little things will just waste your time and energy and it is not worth it. Learning that life is very short will make you feel you need to do more and experience more. You will become very patient and you want to see yourself  and the people around you very happy.

• Appreciate the things that were attached to your body right now. If you have an old watch, appreciate it. If you have an old clothes, shoes, cap, underwear just appreciate it. You will feel that you are very rich because you have those things unlike people who live in a very poor country, they don't even have slippers to use. All they have is some piece of cloth wrapped around their bodies. They look like they live in 10,000 BC. Look how lucky you are and yet you are still complaining. If those people can afford to smile then you don't have the right to frown everyday.

Remember when you were just a baby. When you were just a baby you have nothing, you have no clothes, you have no money, you don't have anything. And now you've come so far, maybe you are not that rich but you really gained a lot. You experienced going to school, falling in love, going to different places, eating a lot of food. You already experienced a lot and that is something to be happy. You don't have anything when you were born in this world so you really don't miss anything.