June 30, 2016


The word impossible is widely used by pessimistic, crab mentality, jealous individuals who wanted to pull down people who were dreaming big. The word impossible is believed by people who already failed without even trying. If you believe in the word "impossible" then don't even dare to try, don't even work, don't even talk about your dreams. Just lie in your bed and get jealous with people who are making it in life. Just cry in your room and wonder why the world is like this.

Now, if you really wanted to make it in life and achieve all of your dreams and ambitions, you should not believe in the word "Impossible". That word is nothing but a myth. There are 5 myths about it, here they are:

1. There are chosen ones. Many people believe in this shit. When they see a budding talent, they will assume that that person is the chosen one. They will ignore some people who just works hard and grind everyday. They assume who will succeed or not and if you are fool enough to believe this, you will never make moves anymore, you will believe that there are chosen ones and you're not part of them. If there are really chosen ones then there is no need to work hard. Just hope that you are one of the chosen ones and you will already succeed, there is no need to train, study or face challenges. If you think that you are one of the "CHOSEN ONES" then just watch other people work hard, laugh at them, tell to yourself "I am the chosen one, all of you fools will fail in the end and I will succeed". Let's see if your insights were true.

I know a lot of people who said they are the chosen one and failed in the end. It is simply because they believe that they were talented, they believe in destiny. They believe in luck and they don't push their boundaries anymore. They rely on a nonsense belief that made them fail in the end. If there is really a chosen one then that person might be the only son of God, but we are all children of God, we are all equal.

2. If nobody did it before then it can't be done. You don't need to look for an example if you want to accomplish something big. If you are dreaming about impossible things, all you need to do is trust yourself, never look for anyone who did it before so you will do it too. Just trust the process, trust your hardwork, take it one step at a time and make it happen. You can do it, the challenge here is be the first one who did it. Put your mind in a position where you will be the one who will do it first. Shock people, stun them. Let them see that a person like you can do things which they thought were impossible.

3. Dreams are not for everyone. I see a judge in some kind of a talent show that says "dreams are not for everyone". I will not say her name because she is disgusting. She said that to a contestant who humiliates himself by putting on a mediocre performance. I cannot blame the guy, he said that he works really hard but if he really does it then for sure he will not show a performance as ugly as that. What bothers me is, this female judge says that "dreams are not for everyone" That shit is disgusting, who do she think she is? some kind of a God that can judge who will succeed or not. Dreams are for everyone, you have to work hard for it, it will show in your performance and confidence if you really work hard. If you can dream then you can achieve it, as simple as that. Anyone can dream so anyone can achieve their dreams, only if they work for it.

4. You have to have money to realize your dreams. At some point this is true, if there is a timeline. If you need to be a doctor for just ten years and you have no money then it will be very difficult for you to reach it. But the good news is, dreams have no timeline. Yeah, you have no money now but that can't serve as an excuse to accept failure. You can find ways how to earn money, save and then if what you have is enough then you can shoot for your dreams. It doesn't matter if you are too old, age is not a prerequisite for getting your dreams. Having no money is not an obstacle, it only serves as a delay. It will make your pursue longer but your personality tougher.

5. You have no physical attributes. Cases such as you are not tall enough to become a basketball player, you are not gorgeous enough to become an actress, you are not smart enough to become a politician, you are too ugly for the modelling job. Guess what? There are hundreds of stories of people who became successful but lacks the physical attribute for the job. Mugsy Bogues was just 5"3 but became an NBA player, there were some popular actresses in the Hollywood who were not that gorgeous but became successful.

Again, greatness will find a way, if you really want it you can get it. If you are half committed then you will fall short. The word "impossible" is already dead, it was buried a long time ago by the great ones who accomplished great success. They proved that no dream is big enough to be conquered.