June 30, 2016


You are very careful of your shoes that costs 150 dollars, you don't want a little dirt to damage its details. It is normal, shoes are really lovable especially if it is very expensive. But sometimes, everything has to go. No matter how much you preserve your property, you still have to let it go. You have to let it go because it is breaking little by little or you need to  replaced it with a newer and nicer one.

But how to let it go? How to let go a shirt, a shoes or something that was really valuable to you in the past?

The answer is very simple... use it until it looks very weary. Use it to the point where you almost destroy it. Use it until it cannot be used anymore, that is how you give justice to your valuable thing.

By doing this, you will not have any emotional connection with it anymore. You will not feel any regret by trashing it or giving it to other people.

Some people give too much value to a thing. They preserve it until it breaks by itself because of long storage or no usage at all. Anything can break if not used. Take microwave oven as a sample, store it for one year without usage and you will see that it is not functioning right anymore.

Some people cannot use their things because they love it too much, they don't use it until they grow old. And when they grow old and cannot use it anymore, the fell regretful because they don't enjoy it while they can.

Remember that a thing is just a thing. Don't give value to it too much, it is not a baby that needs to be taken care of.

Reward yourself by using your valuable things, forget if it will look old because of too much use. Use it because you deserve to use it. So when the time where you need to replace it, you will not have difficulty letting it go.

June 30, 2016


Whatever is it that you want get it!!! by any means get it, but make sure that your method of getting it won't hurt anyone. You can get anything, you can have whatever is it that you want, there are no limits, there are no exact methods.

And speaking of methods, whatever method that you know, apply it. Apply it without conscience or second thinking, apply it without doubting if it will work or not. Whatever knowledge you have, use it!

WHATEVER! people were so trapped by this dogma of how to become successful. They produce a lot of methods and technicalities. The only thing that you must do and concentrate is action. Whatever action or positive movement that you can implement, do it! Any action has an equivalent attraction. If you work hard then you will be rewarded hard. If you work soft then your output will also become soft. There is no other way around, success is very basic, it is easy if you will be just a single minded person who takes non stop action and endless commitment.

Just pound it, just grind it, just do it. Whatever useful thing that you can use now, whatever resources that you can use, use it. Again, there is no hesitation here. Hesitation equals destruction.

You can spend 25 years of planning and not getting results but you can spend a year of moving and getting half of the results that you want. You are not here to think you are here to move.

Aren't you sick and tired of endless planning, endless imagining that you have it? Now is the time to make a declaration that WHATEVER IT IS that you can do, you will do it.

There is no wrong action as long as the action is positive and related to your dreams. Every action is the right action. Take awkward actions, use weird movements, implement unknown techniques. That is how to do it, doing everything you know.

What is the use of your knowledge if you are not going to use it?

June 30, 2016


The word impossible is widely used by pessimistic, crab mentality, jealous individuals who wanted to pull down people who were dreaming big. The word impossible is believed by people who already failed without even trying. If you believe in the word "impossible" then don't even dare to try, don't even work, don't even talk about your dreams. Just lie in your bed and get jealous with people who are making it in life. Just cry in your room and wonder why the world is like this.

Now, if you really wanted to make it in life and achieve all of your dreams and ambitions, you should not believe in the word "Impossible". That word is nothing but a myth. There are 5 myths about it, here they are:

1. There are chosen ones. Many people believe in this shit. When they see a budding talent, they will assume that that person is the chosen one. They will ignore some people who just works hard and grind everyday. They assume who will succeed or not and if you are fool enough to believe this, you will never make moves anymore, you will believe that there are chosen ones and you're not part of them. If there are really chosen ones then there is no need to work hard. Just hope that you are one of the chosen ones and you will already succeed, there is no need to train, study or face challenges. If you think that you are one of the "CHOSEN ONES" then just watch other people work hard, laugh at them, tell to yourself "I am the chosen one, all of you fools will fail in the end and I will succeed". Let's see if your insights were true.

I know a lot of people who said they are the chosen one and failed in the end. It is simply because they believe that they were talented, they believe in destiny. They believe in luck and they don't push their boundaries anymore. They rely on a nonsense belief that made them fail in the end. If there is really a chosen one then that person might be the only son of God, but we are all children of God, we are all equal.

2. If nobody did it before then it can't be done. You don't need to look for an example if you want to accomplish something big. If you are dreaming about impossible things, all you need to do is trust yourself, never look for anyone who did it before so you will do it too. Just trust the process, trust your hardwork, take it one step at a time and make it happen. You can do it, the challenge here is be the first one who did it. Put your mind in a position where you will be the one who will do it first. Shock people, stun them. Let them see that a person like you can do things which they thought were impossible.

3. Dreams are not for everyone. I see a judge in some kind of a talent show that says "dreams are not for everyone". I will not say her name because she is disgusting. She said that to a contestant who humiliates himself by putting on a mediocre performance. I cannot blame the guy, he said that he works really hard but if he really does it then for sure he will not show a performance as ugly as that. What bothers me is, this female judge says that "dreams are not for everyone" That shit is disgusting, who do she think she is? some kind of a God that can judge who will succeed or not. Dreams are for everyone, you have to work hard for it, it will show in your performance and confidence if you really work hard. If you can dream then you can achieve it, as simple as that. Anyone can dream so anyone can achieve their dreams, only if they work for it.

4. You have to have money to realize your dreams. At some point this is true, if there is a timeline. If you need to be a doctor for just ten years and you have no money then it will be very difficult for you to reach it. But the good news is, dreams have no timeline. Yeah, you have no money now but that can't serve as an excuse to accept failure. You can find ways how to earn money, save and then if what you have is enough then you can shoot for your dreams. It doesn't matter if you are too old, age is not a prerequisite for getting your dreams. Having no money is not an obstacle, it only serves as a delay. It will make your pursue longer but your personality tougher.

5. You have no physical attributes. Cases such as you are not tall enough to become a basketball player, you are not gorgeous enough to become an actress, you are not smart enough to become a politician, you are too ugly for the modelling job. Guess what? There are hundreds of stories of people who became successful but lacks the physical attribute for the job. Mugsy Bogues was just 5"3 but became an NBA player, there were some popular actresses in the Hollywood who were not that gorgeous but became successful.

Again, greatness will find a way, if you really want it you can get it. If you are half committed then you will fall short. The word "impossible" is already dead, it was buried a long time ago by the great ones who accomplished great success. They proved that no dream is big enough to be conquered.

June 30, 2016


If you were always looking for at least one big reason to be happy don't look for it anymore. Your ability to look for it is already a big reason, being alive is already a reason to be happy. Breathing, moving, talking, walking, running are big reasons to become joyful in life because not everyone an do these things.

Some weak individuals were always complaining about their lives and even thinking about ending their lives. These people were very stupid and unappreciative with a very big blessing that they have. Other people were even struggling to catch their breathe and lives were already in danger but still wanted to survive and experience life even more.

If you are alive you can still change, if your life sucks right now, you have a very big chance to turn things around so don't even take your life for granted. Being alive means you are about to experience a lot of things, unlike someone who is lying in a deathbed who is very sick. If you are healthy, if you can do things then be happy for it.

Life is not perfect, if you are expecting that life is all about fantasies and fairy tales then you should wake up. Life is all about experiencing different kinds of emotions. Fear, joy, happiness, excitement, anxiety, despair, anger and pain. You are very lucky if you can experience a lot because some people can't even walk or cry or jump. Some people were born paralyzed so be happy if you are so alive and can do a lot of things.

If you are alive, you can become rich, poor, popular, wealthy, passionate, talented, healthy, good looking, great or anything that you want. You can do anything with your life, your life is a big ticket to happiness or an exit for destruction. It is up to you how are you going to spend your life. It is up to you how to nurture it or destroy it so don't ever complain that you are not blessed or you are so unlucky. Life is how you live it.

If I were you, I will change my mindset now and look for some good things to do, look for some things that will make you even happier. Be passionate in what you are doing, be helpful, have something to do for the rest of your life that will make you proud. Look for some goals and achieve it. Develop some skills and be great at it. Play with your life, stop being sad and dramatic. Stop looking like an emo spoiled diva who all does is look for sympathy and a shoulder to cry on.

Be the best that you can be, become a greatest version of yourself. Let me remind you again that life is not all about being happy. If you will understand that life is a rollercoaster of emotions and you are ok with it then your life will become pretty amazing.

June 29, 2016


What you have is already beautiful, what makes it ugly is because you look for other things and compare it. For example you have a brand new car, you really love it, you love its color, you love its features but once your car is not new anymore and you see a more branded and newer car... you will immediately fall out of love with your car. You will compare your car to the newer one and because your car isn't that new anymore, you want to sell it to buy the newer one. You will just add another burden to your life because once you purchase a newer car... you will have to pay the monthly payment again. The cycle goes on and on, you never get satisfied, you always want a brand new once there is a release.

Same as other things, you buy a new cellphone, you dress it, customize it, put apps on it. But once there is a new release out in the market that is much fancier and has more specs... you would love to buy it. You will curse your old cellphone and want to sell it for a lower price just to buy the new one. Was that crazy?

Your property becomes ugly not because of its oldness but because you compare it to a more flashy one. You didn't give importance to the hardwork that you put in just to buy that thing. You will make yourself suffer again just to say that you have the newest things in town. You want people to talk about you because you can always buy new things but behind it... your pocket is zero balance. Your wallet is very hungry because it is always empty.

If you will stop comparing and learn to appreciate what you have then you will have lesser problems in life. You don't need to compete with your friends about who has the most high tech gadget. You don't need to make yourself suffer just to buy the most talk about cellphone or car or bag. Just appreciate what you have, focus on it and you will love it even more.

June 29, 2016


The right way to do a particular thing is the one that gives results. There is no specific strategy or technique to do something. You can wash the dishes with hot or cold water, you can wash it directly with soap or you can remove the dirt first with running water and then washing it with soap. Any style will do, there is no written rule on how to wash the dishes, there is no specific rule for simple things.

Just like in kickboxing, your coach will tell you the proper way of kicking and punching. he will correct your stance, your timing and your technique, but what if you don't like what he is teaching you? You are free to invent your own style, the style that you want, the style that will give you results. There are some martial artists who just learn martial arts by themselves, they watch some videos or watch some fighters training then they combined all what they've learned to create their own style. They created a style that fits them and can produce results.

Some people will tell you how to properly hold a pencil, that is crazy. You can even hold the pencil with only three fingers and you can still write, if you can write then it is right.

It is time to stop listening to those bullshit stories on how to do things. You can listen to them if their proposals interests you but if not... just ignore them and discover things on your own, do things on your own.

Some people say that running is much easier if you have music on your ears while some other says that you can count so you will forget the pain in your legs. Whatever works for you do it, if it didn't work then stop it, as simple as that.

I think that what is easier for you and what makes you feel good that produces results is the right thing. If it is easier for you to lift heavy weights while thinking about food then do it, if it is easier for you to concentrate while rubbing palms then do it. What gives you the proper momentum, apply it, don't be shy to look weird, don't be afraid to look ridiculous.

Some wannabes are poisoning other people's minds on how to do things. Yeah they maybe right but if they keep on insisting to other people that their style is the only style that will work then they were crazy. Each of us can develop our own style, each of us can use the style that we want.

June 29, 2016


For as long as you keep on doing the right thing, you will be alright. There s no need to worry, no need to wonder, no need to be afraid. Just keep on moving, just keep on challenging life and you will have a lot of opportunities.

If you keep on moving you will find something. If you keep on searching you can make things happen. That is the number one rule, there is a reason for your movement, there is a price waiting for your effort. So don't be mad and don't be sad if results weren't showing yet. The longer you wait, the larger the reward will be.

So then, if you are pursuing something like wanting to be a singer, even if the breaks weren't there yet, if you keep on singing everyday and finding places where you can sing then you will be alright. You don't know where will the breaks will come from but it will come, you don't know when will the money come but for sure it will also come.

MOVING = REALIZING. Just make sure that what you are doing is related to your dreams or else you will be lost.

If you are looking for a job and you almost got frustrated because all of the companies are rejecting you, again have faith. You are moving so something will happen. It is very basic, if you don't look for a job then the job will not look for you. If you are looking for something then that something is also looking for you, it is just a matter of time when your paths will cross.

You will be find if you keep on finding, there is no other way around. Success will find you, opportunities will find you. Keep moving, keep exerting effort.

June 29, 2016


You don't need to prove yourself to people, you don't need to tell everyone how good you are. If you have the numbers then you have the respect. People loves numbers, people loves seeing a lot. If you have a lot of things in your life then you will gain their respect.

Subscribers. It only means your content is amazing and useful. It only means your works were really good if you have a lot of subscribers. Don't ever wonder if nobody cares to listen to you, it only means your work is shit and useless. If you can offer people some useful things in life then you will gain a lot of subscribers.

Number of failures. People will still respect you even if you have a lot of failures, it simply means you are really trying hard and you have a never quit attitude. Even if your failures is a lot more than your success, you are still a winner. In life, it doesn't mater how many times you fail, what matter is how many times you try. Those people who were afraid to fail will never make it big in life. If you are not scared to fail or let's say you are scared but you still try... The world is yours. Success loves people who were willing to fail and try again. So, keep on failing and you will prevail.

Money. It is sad to know that the more money you have the more respect you will get even if you are a bad person. Let's give the nasty and arrogant millionaires some credit for having a lot of money because they really work hard for it. People respect them even if they were not respectful, it really means that numbers play a major role in life. So if you want to get respected get more money, just make sure your attitude will never change, make sure you are still a good person.

Number of achievements. If you achieve a lot people will praise you, people will be amazed at you. That is why if you want to be labelled as a successful person then gather a lot of awards, as many as you can. Achieve a lot. It doesn't matter what the achievement is, what matter is you are achieving something, and if you are winning a lot your confidence will soar high. People will respect you even more.

Just find something that you will put a lot of numbers. It can be about pushups, number of minutes on treadmill, number of songs you can play, number of jobs you've experienced etc. and you will be rewarded. People loves numbers that is why even the ugliest record on Guinness world of records was respected. There is something about quantity that people loves, maybe it is because of the difficulty or maybe people see the hardwork behind those numbers.

If you have a choice, are you going to marry a woman who can only do one thing in house or a woman who can do a lot?


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June 29, 2016


I would like to thank everyone who follows my blog. It's been 7 years of blogging, this blog starts as "zero dramas" on 2010 then I changed it to "move igniter" and then finally I decided not to change its name anymore. This time "rugged breed" will stay forever.

Thank you to all who were writing me a letter and appreciating my work. I promised you that I will make articles as long as I am living. My goal is to give ideas about life, this is not purely about motivation, this is also called "eye opening creation".

My goal as a writer is to make some money but the money is not yet flowing, because of this I realized that I am a true writer. A writer writes because he wants to even if there is no benefit from his writing. To me the real benefit is I was able to express some of my feelings and share the world my ideas about life. Like I said from the beginning, if I can inspire just one person then I will continue writing. I am amazed by the growing fan base of rugged breed as the years go by.

Like many, I am still in pursue of success. I am still in progress but I will never give up, my writings will continue as long as I am breathing. I know that my ideas are not for everyone and not too many people will understand it but just like I said, my intention is clear, my intention is positive and if they cannot understand me then that is their problem. The rugged breed will continue to rise and give people different perspectives about life. I already promised to myself that I will never stop writing until there is a life in my life. Thank you everyone and continue supporting the rugged breed!

June 29, 2016


People say that they gave their everything but their everything wasn't good enough that is why they fail. This is a stupid excuse. If you really give your everything then you are sure to succeed. Or maybe they don't know what is the real meaning if giving everything, maybe they don't know what it is all about. They thought that just because they feel a little pain and suffering means they really give their best and everything they've got. Giving everything is not an easy thing to do that is why not too many can do it.

If you really give everything then you will surely succeed. The universe will give up on you, it will grant you what you wish, it will submit and you will become super victorious.

How to know if you really give everything:

1. You no longer have time for your family, friends or relatives. Because you were so hooked in achieving something, all you do is take steps to become successful. You don't care if you miss some important birthdays, you don't care if someone is missing you so much, you literally don't care because all you wanted is to become successful. Your time is only allotted for your dreams and nothing more. You were very selfish of your time because you think that wasting time will make you fail.

2. Death. You will die for your dreams. It doesn't matter if you get sick, get worn out or die. You will give your life just to achieve something, you don't care if you are still breathing or not. Take some UFC fighters as an example, they badly wanted to win so they never tapped out in submission. Even if they got choked or something, they never tapped out. The result is they fell asleep, it is almost death. They never quit until the end, that is how you give everything.

3. You don't have an image to protect. You don't care if you look bad or insane, for as long as you are doing the things that you think is right for your dreams. You don't care about what people say, you just follow your heart and intuition. 

June 29, 2016


Most people were still trapped in the past. They cannot live very well because they always thought of what might could have been if they do this or do that. But the thing is this... if you do this or do that do you think you were very happy today? do you think if you do the things that you were supposed to do your life will be perfect?

If you hate your life now because you can't forget your ex-girlfriend, by the way the two of you separated because you're such a cheater and she found out the shit that you are doing. Now, you were always thinking about "what if I didn't cheat?", "only if I completely being honest with her, she will still be on my side". Do you think if you didn't cheat on her the both of you will still be together? Let's say you didn't cheat but what if she is the one who cheats? What if the two of you separated because of other reasons? You can't assume that things will go well if you did the right thing. Some ugly things will still happen even if you only do good things in life.

And one more thing, what you have now may not be yours if you do things differently in the past. For example, you have a car now. Do you think you can have it if you and your ex-girlfriend were still together? I am pretty sure you will spend a lot more money if the two of you were still together and that will stop you from buying a car.

If your job is really good now, do you think you will be in that position if you two are still together and spending too much time together? Different things may happen so stop dwelling with the past and appreciate your life completely now. Appreciate the present, open your eyes and you can see that there are still some good things that is happening in your life.

The problem with people is they cannot see the good side of their mistakes. Some people regret of having a child too early because they thought that they didn't enjoy too much time being young, they cannot party anymore, they cannot drink at late night anymore. They didn't think that if they do not have a child too early then they maybe have a miserable life because they were not responsible before. Having a child too early will make you responsible in life, it will make you strong, independent and more reliable. So never feel regretful again having child too early in your life because you were a better person now.

You always thought that correcting mistakes from the past will make your life better. The reality is your life is much better now because you made mistakes from the past. You already knew what is needed to do and you already knew what to do next. You are a better person now so be happy that you made mistakes from the past.

Granted that you can rollback time, do you think that you will not make the same mistakes again? do you think that you are completely in control because you already know what will happened? Definitely NOT. Even if you rollback the time you will still make mistakes along the way, you will still have problems so move on and don't waste your time thinking about the stupid past.

June 29, 2016


If you are asking me when is the right time to stop. The answer is when you are about to begin again. If you're a drug addict and you wanted to stop, the right time to stop is when you are about to take drugs again. It is not setting a specific date, some addicts will tell themselves "I will stop this addiction once I found a good job or once I finish all of these drugs remaining in my cabinet". The question is... did they stop after finding a job or there are no more drugs in their cabinet? and what if they do not find a job?

Removing vices in your life is really hard to do especially if the addiction is really deep and started a long time ago. If you really wanted to stop you should always be alert, you should be conscious and not be controlled by your mind. Bad habits, vices, addictions are really hard to stop but it is possible to stop it. The key here is awareness and willpower. You should be aware if you are already opening a pack of cigarette, you should be aware if you are thinking about drugs, you should be aware if you are about to procrastinating.

Once you are aware that you are about to begin then stop right away. Throw your cigarette, throw your drugs, start doing something, start engaging yourself in a more positive activity.

How to really stop:

1. Know what is it that you wanted to stop. Be specific, what is it that you wanted to stop? it can be procrastinating, sleeping too much, cigarettes, drugs, gambling. Know it and always think about stopping it everyday. Once you decided what to stop, be serious in stopping it right away. Never make consequences before stopping it. Consequences such as "If I fall in love again I will stop drinking", "If I get rich I will take care of my body", "If someone forces me to stop then I will stop". If you always find excuses before you stop then you will never stop forever. Your stoppage should be serious, dedicated and you want it with all of your heart.

2. Avoid the trigger points. If you want to stop smoking then avoid people who were smokers, if you want to stop watching TV then you should keep the remote control, hide it to a place where it is hard to reach. If you want to stop visiting malicious websites then you should have restrictions in your computer. If you want to stop spending too much time in social media then you should close your facebook right away. Avoid the trigger points and stoppage will surely succeed.

3. Always imagine the tragic things if you don't stop. If you don't stop your bad habits and addiction what do you think may happen? it can be poverty, death, debts, regrets and any other negative things in life, you will experience a lot of bad things if you don't stop. Think about it everyday and I am pretty sure you will become scared to engage in your bad habits again.

4. Guard yourself. Watch yourself if you are about to start again and then stop it or think other thoughts that may entertain you so your attention will be focused on other things. Always be on the guard, always be cautious. If you can discipline yourself to constantly know if you are about to do bad things again then there is a chance that you can stop yourself. Sometimes excitement about doing what yo love makes you forget that you are not allowed to do it anymore. Constantly remind yourself that you are prohibited of doing such things. It is like you are the cop and the same time you are the robber, you are guarding yourself 24 hours a day.

June 29, 2016


What is growth? is it something that deals with promotion? or achieving something great in a corporate world? NO, growth is something that has growth. It is something that is progressing. Growth is achieved when you feel something is added in your system that is positive and useful.

Some people will say that there is no growth in BPO careers and blue collars jobs. That is just a myth, that thing was said by arrogant people who think they were better than others. They don't know what growth really is. Growth can be found anywhere, as long as you feel that your life gets better a little bit then you already grow.

Growth in personality. Whatever job you have, if your personality grow then you also achieved growth. What I mean is you developed the right attitude. You enjoy working, you were never late, you love doing your job and you are very appreciative for having it. Even if your job is not so popular and not in higher position, if you are taking it seriously everyday and you know you have a purpose then you already achieved growth. If you are not cursing your job and you knew you play an important role in the company then you are also growing. In other words you are very professional.

Growth in money. Again, whatever job you have, if you feel like you are progressing then you are growing. If you have a bank account and you make a conservative effort to at least put something on it every month then you are growing. Whatever amount it is,may it be big or small, if you are putting something then you are growing. Even if you don't have a regular job, you can find growth in money, buy a piggy bank, put something on it everytime you earn money for taking some rackets, you already achieved growth.

Some people were always looking for growth, they were never satisfied in their jobs, they always look for the bigger paychecks not knowing that growth can be found anywhere only if they look for it and work for it.

Some people whine too much about their jobs, they say there is no growth in the company they are working, they cannot find it because their focus is on the lack of growth and not on the growth itself. If you are working in a company for 10 or more years and you were not promoted for just once, it doesn't mean you didn't achieved growth. If you were a bumass before you work in the company and you are a grown man now who knows the right things to do then you already grow. If before you have no good clothes and you look like a cave man, but now you look like a clean person then you also grow.

Growth is everywhere, I repeat once you've seen a little improvement in your life, may it be about attitude, money or just learning a small useful skill then you already grow. Never complicate growth because you will not find it. Some have big standards such as you have to be a CEO or manager or earn millions to prove that you grow. Growth is knowing honestly in yourself that you are a different and improved person than yesterday.

June 29, 2016


In life having too much fun is not healthy, it takes away the balance in your life. If your goal is to have fun all day because you were blinded by the word "YOLO" then you are in terrible spot my friend.

What if you need to take care of your diet but all you want is to have fun? You are drinking and smoking all day because that is fun for you. You don't care if your belly is ballooning so big and your heart is having too much fat. Because to you, having fun is what matters most. Do this for a few more months and let's see where will you end at. In a cemetery or in a hospital bedridden. Now tell me are
you really having fun? are you having fun wasting your life and putting your life in danger?

Playing video games the whole day. This is fun for the first three hours but if you continue playing the whole day, then it is not fun anymore. While playing the video games, all of your responsibilities will be set aside and not taken care of. You have an assignment but you refused to do it, you need to wash your clothes but you choose playing video games first. Your mom is asking you to do something but you keep on hitting the button of your PSP. Now tell me, do you have a peace of mind while playing video games? Does it make you smart? did it make your life better? Playing something without sweating, I mean without physical activity on your body will make you dumb. Play video games for the whole month and step on a weighing scale, let's see if you can have fun looking at your overweight.

You get jealous with your friends going on a vacation almost every month so you do the same. But you need to impress them so you do it twice a month. You are so much having fun, you post your images at social media, you were so popular, everyone gets jealous with you, they thought you were already rich. But when the bill in your credit card is piling up and agents were contacting you every now and then to pay your huge debts, now tell me was having too much fun really fun? Is hiding from bill collectors fun? is feeling too much pressure to pay your bills really fun?

You can have fun if you are deserving to have fun. If you have extra money, if you already finish your tasks, if you take care of your health and put it in a stable position then that is the time to have fun. But also make sure that the time for having fun is not too much to the point where you risk your health and you put your life in a bad spot.

Be responsible if you are having fun. Never forget the responsibilities that you have, never forget that your life is not all about having fun, it is also about facing challenges and making yourself better. You can have fun anytime you want if you already finish all the important things first.

June 28, 2016


If a man suffers a lot just to reach his position now or just to get what he have now... RESPECT HIM PERIOD.

Even if you have more than what he have, still respect him. He deserves respect because he earned it.

There is no point in trying to bring down a man whose car is cheaper than yours or shoes not branded as yours. If he works hard he deserves credit and appreciation.

There are lot of pussies in this world who have a lot and very boastful but the truth is they don't earned it from hard work. They only get it from corruption, inheritance or any scam that produces filthy rich.

I will respect a pedicab driver who is grinding 18 hours a day just to bring something for his family. It is not the status or the hierarchy of  the job that should earn respect from the society, it is the hardwork and purpose of a person. If he is working hard for his family and he is a good provider then we should clap our hands for him and praise him like a saint.

You can look like a rich person who have gadgets, fancy clothes etc. but if you didn't work for your things then you shouldn't get a lot of respect from people. You are just a pretender trying to smell good but the reality is your personality smells bad.

I'd rather respect a garbage collector who is honest and working very hard just to send his children to school than a politician who is just sitting all day and corrupting money from the people. Again, don't get blinded by the social status, look for the purpose of a person and give the right treatment that he deserves.

Let's respect all the hardworking individuals who is dying everyday just to give something for their family. What kind of job doesn't matter, salary doesn't matter, social status doesn't matter. If you are working really hard and your purpose is good then you should be respected.

June 28, 2016


You become successful not because you get what you want, it is because you become the person that is capable of succeeding. It is not about the money, promotion, cars, big contracts or big houses. You become successful because you build habits, attitudes and mindset for succeeding. Those things may vanished but your attitude for succeeding will never.

Look at those people who got promoted because they are their boss' best friend, look at those people who were rich since day one of their lives when their lives fall apart they don't know what to do. They freaked out, it is because they have no habits and mindset for succeeding. They did not take the hard journey, a journey that someone can be proud of.

You are not successful because you have many properties, you are successful because you have the attitude of a successful person, you were hardened in your journey. You thought yourself how to live life the real way, you become a better person who knows what to do with his life no matter what the circumstances are. The journey strengthened you, all the steps that you have to take makes you patient, strategic and smart.

So there is no such thing as failure. A man fails if he gives up. Remember, it is not those things that made you successful, it is the character that was built inside of your system. So even if you didn't get what you want but you are still pursuing it, you were already successful. Success comes from pursuing it, success comes from the journey, it is just a matter of time before you get the reward because the reward is just a bonus.

June 28, 2016


You are pretty but your brain is empty. So what is the use of that prettiness? You maybe beautiful but your life is not useful, are you happy with that? You may fool some people but you cannot fool yourself, you're a fraud trying to look great but you don't have anything to offer other than your boobs and butt.

If you are so busy in investing in your looks and not your skills then you are in danger my friend. Looks will fade, skins will get wrinkled and rough but your skill... It will remain forever even if you grow old, you can use your skill forever, it will never leave your soul.

Look at those gold diggers who invested a lot on their bodies and faces. Once their partners are not attracted to them anymore... they were dumped like a garbage that smells like shit. They were treated like a useless person. They were so used to being supported by others that is why they cannot even support themselves anymore. They don't know anything, all they knew is how to put makeups on their faces and receive some cash at the end of the month.

Don't be like those people who all knew is how to look cute in social media. Develop some skills that will give you money, invest in what is inside of you. Inside will get stronger as you grow older, outside will become weaker and uglier.

At the end of the day, even if you are the most gorgeous man or woman.. you will still look ugly as your grow older, you can never escape it. But your skill and the inner strength that you develop... it will stay with you until you die. You may slow a little bit but you can still become a very useful person.

Advantages of improving your content:

1. It's free. You don't need to buy anything, you don't need to by makeups or pay silicon implants. All you need to do is find a skill and become better at it everyday. You don't need a lot of money, all you need to do is find that motivation to become better everyday, stay committed and stay on the grind. It is not hard to do, you just need to find the happiness of doing it everyday.

2. It is forever. Once you develop a skill and mastered it... it will remain in your system forever, you will not forget it, no one can take it away from you, it's yours, forever yours. You have something to be proud of, no one can belittle you. You have something to go to when you feel sad. You have a default activity that will make you feel better again if you are feeling stressed or depressed.

3. You can earn money on your own. All the skills that were took to the highest level can earn money, it can even give you a fortune. Trust me, once you are very good at something, people will contact you to do service for them. They will give you perks, special treatment especially if what you are doing is really interesting for them. They will treat you like a VIP because you are so good and you can bring a very good value to the table.

June 28, 2016


You're so worried about what people are thinking, you think you're a star whose actions were guarded by many. Well that's what you think but the true story is people don't care.

People will just care for a few seconds then after that they will go back to their own lives. So if you got embarrassed in a given situation... gather yourself quickly and focus on what you need to do.

Giving so much importance to what people say is like not giving importance to your own value. You were so afraid of speaking loud, moving a lot, speaking your mind and giving ideas. You think that you were always being judged but the truth is people don't care and they were also busy thinking about other things.

If you think you've been judged then you truly are but if you think that they don't care then you are also correct. It's just a matter of how you feel about their reactions because your next move will be based on how you think about how they feel. So if you feel bad about their reactions then you will get embarrassed even more. Your mind will not be able to think clearly, you will be froze in fear and your breathing will get faster than its normal way.

If you accidentally fall into the ground, speak the wrong way, or you have dirt in your teeth. If they laughed at you, don't ever feel bad, don't ever feel that you got bullied. Laugh at it too because it really didn't lessen your personality. Just wait for a few seconds and then their laughter will be gone. All you need to do is play it cool, laugh at it and pretend that it doesn't bother you. Because if you let them feel that you are affected... they will mock you even more.

People don't care guys, it's your mind that cares. You care about what if they say this, what if they say that. Literally, all the people in this world doesn't care about people who they do not even know. And even if you feel you've been embarrassed in front of people you know, they also do not care. They will still accept you for who you are, maybe they will talk about what happened in your back, but the good thing is you will not hear it. And if you don't hear what they say, they they do not say anything.

Stop wondering if they are judging you or not. Even if they do, it is none of your business. Your duty in this world is to fulfill your mission if you have. Just focus on what you are doing so you can redeem yourself if you feel you got embarrassed. And one more thing, does it really even matter if they laugh at you? is the money in your pocket going to diminished? Are your dreams going to get shattered? It's not a big deal if they laugh at you because if you don't give attention to it, it is nothing.

You think that they care because you were always protecting your self image. You are so afraid that your identity will be tarnished. Don't put your thoughts in that place, always feel free to suck, always celebrate the freedom that you have because people really don't care if you succeed or if you fail.

June 27, 2016


Being yourself is one of the most difficult thing to do as a human being because a lot of eye brows will raise if they see or hear something from you that they don't like. That is why people can't be themselves if they needed to because they always seek for approval and they don't want to offend somebody.

But the sad thing is success wants people who can become themselves, so if you are a shy type person who is afraid to show his feelings and speak his mind then good luck to your life. Yo will eat dust in the corner, you will just watch others succeed while you whine and self sabotage.

The thing is this, you don't need to always be yourself 24 hours a day because that is a very difficult thing to do. There will be some instances where you need to fake yourself. For example, in a party, you need to dress accordingly. You need to follow the dress code even if you don't like to dress the way they imposed it. Another example is in a job interview, of course you have to make some lies to cover up your weakness. If you have a bad history, you need to tweak the story a little bit so the company will hire you.

But sometimes, because of too much pretensions that you do everyday, you literally forgot how to be yourself. You don't know how to react in a certain type of situations anymore. You've been faking your life for so long and now you almost become a fake clown full of lies.

There will be times when you really need to be yourself. When I say be yourself, you really need to show your true colors and you don't need to hide anything about your personality. The universe knows who is true and who is a poser. So you better check where you at.

Situations where you need to be yourself even just for a few minutes. 

1. Courting a girl or talking to your crush. You need to show your true colors, your natural way of talking, standing, laughing etc. You need to show the real you because being yourself is the most attractive asset. People will be turned off to you if you will pretend to be somebody that you are not. Even if your jokes are corny, use it. Even if you don't know a lot, then be it. Showing your true colors is very attractive, you will look so natural, confident and a man that can be trusted. You will be able to say things that are very interesting and people will pay attention to you. Unlike someone who is just pretending to be someone else who he is not... he will make mistakes, all of his actions will look awkward. It will be seen on his actions that he is trying to impress somebody, he will look like a tense monkey begging for a banana.

2. You need to reject somebody. If rejecting someone will make your life better then why not do it? Most people were not becoming themselves because they don't want to hurt others'  feelings. They pretend that they were kind so people won't say anything to them. They want to maintain an image that is not helping them. Just for a few minutes you need to be yourself so you can say to them that you don't like their proposals or you don't like what they are offering or asking. If you cannot be yourself and follow what you really want then you will be abused forever.

3. You need to show them what you've got. When you are in an audition for something, when they ask you how good you are, what will you say? some people will say "I'm good and I think I am the right fit for the job. I will give my best" That is what most common people say, a little humble with some little confident effect. The thing is this... some people were holding themselves too much because they were afraid of being labelled as arrogant and over confident. Even if they knew they were the best, they don't talk about it or show it. They were shy, they don't want to impose their will. The result is... failure.

4. Correcting somebody. Correct someone if he is wrong, even if you have to offend someone, do it. Do it because if you don't do it you will be the one who will be in a bad spot. It is not that you think smarter than them but because you are 100 percent sure that you are right. Note: do this if the argument is really a big deal and life changing. Never put your self in an altercation about petty things such as who is the best? who does it first?, which is better?. Correct something if it has something to do with life or money or something that will be beneficiary to many.

June 24, 2016


A lot of people out there are talking about their dreams, they're talking about their plans, how big is the house that they will build, how fancy is the car that they are going to buy. BUT... did it really happened? did their dreams really come into fruition?

There are many pretenders out there trying to become great by just saying something, by just being cocky, they talk about their endless plans that never happened because they don't even have the power to start it, all they have is the power to use their saliva and fool everyone.

Become proud, become cocky if you already have it and not when you're just talking about it. Anyone can do the talking but not everyone can do the acting.

And you think you are getting popular and people were amazed at you by telling them how big your dream is? you think they were praising you and treating you like a saint? at first maybe, but they will find out in the end that you are just a poser. They will see that you're just good in talking and you lack actualizing.

Talking should be done in the end and not at the beginning. Less talk, less pressure. Don't build hype if you are not willing to take actions right away because it will bite you in the ass in the end. One good thing about not talking about your dreams is no one will guard you so there is lesser pressure to perform. No one watches you, no one will criticize you, you just show them results in the end and they will get shocked and will ask you how did you do it?

It is much better to work in your dreams quietly so no one will give you comments that will only take away your focus. Some people cannot mind their own business and thinks that they know everything, they will give you numerous advises that they cannot even do on their own.

It is time to shut your mouth and do the work. Talking will not take you anywhere, it will just destroy your reputation. Talk if you can back it up but if not... it's better to just keep quiet and do some better things.

June 24, 2016


Substitute doubt with faith, this is the correct substitution. If you are doubting yourself then for sure you will fail in anything that you are doing. If you have faith then everything is possible. You can command your fate if you have faith. It is easy, just focus on what you can do and faith will become bigger, never focus on your weakness because it will not lead you to greatness. Believing in something impossible is better than disbelieving in something that is doable. With belief you can stretch yourself, you can do things that you thought you can't do before. With proper belief system, sky is the limit for you.

Substitute laziness with hardwork. This is another correct substitution. This will entirely change your life. If you are very lazy doing your assignments, just simply do it. Even if you feel so lazy, even if you feel so heavy just take the first step and everything will become easier. If you caught yourself being so hooked in watching tv for 8 hours a day, cut it out. Do something more productive and beneficiary, it can be just doing simple household chores, simple exercise or establishing a small business to earn money in the future. Laziness will lead to craziness, I am telling you if you will not find a substitute for it... you're a walking dead.

Substitute negativity with positivity. If you have nothing good to say then just shut your mouth. Stop spreading negative vibes because that shit won't help. If you can't contribute anything positive then don't be a burden. Just keep quiet and let people do their thing. Never pull someone down instead raise him up and help him to achieve his goals. Don't get jealous if someone is succeeding because by doing so, it only means you cannot duplicate what they achieved so you just choose to be jealous. Believe in yourself that you too can succeed and become someone else. Always stay positive so you can attract good things in life.

Substitute being dependent with self reliance. Have a mindset that you are the captain of your own ship and there will be no one who can give you a good life other than you. Stop asking for freebies, stop asking for help if you can do it on your own. If you can have the discipline to act on your own, learn by your own and get things by your own then what you can achieve in life is unimaginable. You can become big, you can create a name for yourself if you will rely on yourself. There is no other way to change your life than doing it by yourself, no one can hand success to you. It is your duty to fulfill your own legacy.

Anything in this world is replaceable. Anything can be disrupted. You can change bad things with good things. It is up to you how to do it. Nothing is permanent, change is a choice, change is always possible. Yes it is difficult at first but if you stay committed then you will be rewarded.

June 23, 2016


Some people were very good in playing the victim role. They blame their parents, government, coaches, teachers, wives, husbands, friends, relatives, enemies, neighbors and any other people to why they are failing. They always make a pity party and invite negative energies to their lives.

They always say "because of this, because of him blah blah blah blah blah that is why I fail, I am really a good person but I am treated unfairly by those mean people."  Wow!!! for real? what the fu** dude, what the fuc**!!

What they do not know is they are the suspect of their own tragedy. They murdered their own dreams, they killed their own ambitions by the faulty decisions that they made from the past. They buried their own desires by their laziness and being irresponsible in their own lives. And now what? they were looking for someone else to take the blame, they just want to point fingers to others so they can save themselves from humiliation.

You are the one whose responsible for your failures and no one else. Who is not professional at his work? who is not giving his best? who is so lazy and procrastinating every now and then? And now you're telling everyone that you are not lucky and God is unfair? Stop playing the victim role because you are the suspect for the crime that you bring into your life. You raped your personality, you stabbed your discipline, you shot your motivation, you beat your dreams to death. Some people may have some participation in your failures but you are still the primary suspect. You are the mastermind and you are the commander. There is no one else to blame but you. So, surrender now and face the punishment that is waiting for you. You deserve it so don't feel pity for yourself.

But... cheer up! It is never late for you to change. You can still be given a pardon and make a dramatic change in your life. All you need to do is think right this time and do right this time. Stop making excuses and start producing results. You have a lot of time left, even if you are old your dreams were still young. You can still make it happen. Just stop passing the blame to others and take responsibility for your own actions. You can still change your image, you can still be the man.

What I want to you to do is be humble. Accept that you made mistakes from the past and correct it all. There is nothing wrong in a person who is admitting his own mistakes. What is wrong is you already knew that it is your fault but you are still playing the victim role. Stop pretending that you've been victimized by circumstances instead make a decision to face all of your problems and shortcomings.

The world is waiting for you. If you've been jailed for a long time by your irresponsible behavior, you can be set free if you change your attitude and do the right things this time. It's never too late, stop playing the victim role.

June 22, 2016


Sometimes in life, you really don't know what to do, you don't know where to start or you don't know if you will still continue walking on the road that seems broken or has no direction.

A lot of people were lost in their lives because they never search for the right way. They accept that they were lost and cannot do anything about it. They just accept their fate and they never make a strong effort to at least change their situations.

You can find the right direction if you keep moving, yeah you might be lost over and over again but that's just the way it is.  You will never be found if you were not lost.

Right now, you may not know the right way yet but it will be revealed as you move along the way. If you keep on making mistakes and taking the wrong roads, the bigger the chances you will see the right way. Because you will know what is wrong and you will not do it again next time.

Take for example a guy that was new in the gym, he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know where to start but if his mindset is to just sweat and gain a little strength then he will probably get some dumbbell and lift it until he feels the pain. He will just do something, it can be running on the treadmill, lifting some weights even though he really don't know how to properly use it, he will just do something until he gain some momentum, confidence and then he will learn as the time goes by. There will be even some people who will teach him how to do it the right way or he will even watch some people how to do it the right.

Unlike a person who is shy and conservative, he will not even try some machines or whatever you call it. He may be even get overwhelmed because he doesn't know anything, he might just go back home and tell himself "what the hell am I doing? this is not for me"

If you are lost in your life, all you need to do is do something positive. If you are an aspiring athlete and you don't know where to start, all you need to do is feed yourself something that is related to your dreams. If you want to become a swimmer and you don't know how to swim, you can teach yourself how to do it. Watch some videos in you tube and then apply it on the real life. If it doesn't work, don't stop, once you get frustrated it means you are almost there, it means you will discover it.

If you are broke and you don't know where to start, again all you need to do is keep moving until you find that momentum again. May it be just selling your clothes, watches or anything that you have that is not that useful just to get some money and start again, do it. Never be afraid to start all over again, never be afraid to do anything just to keep your wheel spinning.

The logic here is very simple... how can you find yourself, how can you create momentum if you will not move? In every movement you will see an improvement. Even if the improvement is very little, even if  it seems like useless, at least you still have a progress.

So if you are lost in life and you don' know how to start... just think of what is it that you want, and if you don't know what you want... just move still. Move and you will know what you really want. If it is just about eating food in the refrigerator or saying sorry to your enemy, you will know it if you engage yourself in motion. You will know the steps needed if you have faith in what you are doing and if you are not judging every step that you make.

Now you know the technique to get back on the right track if you are lost. It's just simple movement, it's just gaining a little momentum. Keep on moving until you reach your goal. Again, don't judge yourself if you are doing right. It is not about being right, it is doing something to become right.

June 22, 2016


If you want to make a name for yourself but you feel your skills were not that good to make a name, don't worry because you don't need great skills to make a name, you just need time, a lot of time. And of course consistency and dedication. You have to commit and say to yourself "you know what this is what I will do and I will die for this until I my name is carved on the hall of fame".

All you need to do is keep on doing what you are doing everyday and never stop, never stop until you grow old, never stop until you become great. Even if you are not earning a lot of money, even if you get hungry, just fulfill what you are ought to accomplished.

People respect age, people respect people who've done a lot of things and has a lot of experience. That is why old bands for let's say 15 years is much appreciated than a younger band full of talents and promises.

Name will be respected as it grows old. Look at the Metallica, Red hot chili peppers, Incubus, Foo fighters, Pearl jam and any other big bands in the music industry... people look at them as legends and icons. People respected them and treat them like real rockstars. It is because people saw their dedication, hardwork and perseverance. People realized that they were very serious and they make good music, they have a lot of big contribution into this world. Before, they were not so popular when they were just starting but look at them now, they were larger than life.

Anything that you are doing, do it until you grow old. The time span maybe so long but the rewards will be priceless. All of your works will be honored, all of your efforts will be recognized. And this is guaranteed, you don't need to worry if someone is appreciating your work or if somebody is looking at your work. Just do your work and everything will work out. No need to complicate things, no need to listen to what people say, just give attention to your work, make it grow and then you will become successful in the end.

And never think that it takes 10-15 years to make a name, some people have made it lesser than 5 years. They were already respected with lesser time span because they work freaking hard, harder than anybody else that is why success is attracted to them easily.

So if you wanna make a name, start now and stick with it, never change your route, never quit, just keep on working. Enjoy the process and one day you'll get recognized.

June 22, 2016


Sometimes you get angry, emotionally traumatized, depressed or even wanting to commit suicide because of the problems that you are facing. Yeah it is normal for a person to experience negative feelings because of bad happenings around him. It is normal to make dramatic acts and whine like a baby but you shouldn't be like that for a month. You should place your mind in the right position to live a normal life again.

The recovery time should not be more than 2 weeks. You are only allowed to cry like a bitch for 2 weeks and after that go back to normal. Because if you hold the anger, resentment or any negative emotion for more than 2 weeks then you will miss the beauty of life or you will be a dramatic person forever. You will not be able to do what you are supposed to do, you will blame the world, hate the world and your life will become miserable forever.

Just let the feeling go. Any negative feelings that won't help you, trash it, throw it on the garbage can and forget about it. It's ok to think about it sometimes because thoughts are really hard to control but be careful not to go back and think about what happened to you all day long again.

Holding the grudge, holding the misery, holding the regrets is just like digging your own grave. You will become mentally illed and physically killed. Nurturing negative feelings will make you sick and weak.

Take it one day at a time. Of course the pain will never go away that fast but it doesn't mean it won't go away. Just live your life like a normal life, once the negative thoughts are running on your mind again, immediately shift your focus to something positive. You can't forget the past but you can replace it with another happy thought that will make you feel better.

There is no such thing as moving on. But there is such thing as living on. Just live, just continue your life find ways to entertain yourself and you will forget your bad experience. You can't just say to yourself "okay the the drama is over, I will move on and stop thinking about it". Because you can't forget a tragic experience right away, all you need to do is keep living until it is not so much a big deal to you anymore.

Never end your life because all of the people who killed themselves have regretted it. Life doesn't have a spare so never ever end your life. It maybe raining in your life so hard for now but the sun will shine again, all you have to do is wait, endure the negative feeling until it go away.

June 21, 2016


Are you really happy with what is going on in your life? Are you satisfy with the results in your life? You let people see that you are happy but was that really true? Is that smile in your face genuine and natural?

Are you ok with just being a bench everyday and having only limited minutes? the worse is sometimes you are not even used by your coach. They don't give you playing time, they will only use you if there is an injured player or if the game is almost over and the star players need to rest.  Are you ok with that role? Yeah, maybe your team is winning but you didn't contribute to the victory, you are just on the bench cheering your teammates and pretending that you are also a winner, are you ok with that?

Are you really happy being commanded by others but you know in yourself you are better than them? is that real happiness and contentment or are you just afraid to show your true colors because you think you might step on them and hurt them? Are you just afraid to be labelled as arrogant and trying hard? what is the real truth? you're being kind to them or being mean to yourself because you are not letting yourself soar and take the limelight.

Are you ok being unemployed because there is someone supporting your needs? Are you really happy being fed by others' hands and not yours? what kind of a life is that? your happiness depends from others and not from yourself. This only means your happiness is very limited and can be taken away from you anytime.

Just because everything looks ok doesn't mean you are really ok. I know deep inside you want more and you want to do it yourself. You also want to have a bigger slice of cake and not just the icing.

If you are creating success by yourself then that is the true happiness, people are faking that they are happy because someone is succeeding and their just a part of it, sometimes their presence doesn't even exist but they show to the people that they are ok with that. But when they go home, they feel a little sad and incomplete. They feel useless and hopeless.

You will only become happy if you are not dependent and if no one is limiting you. You will be happy if you have a big participation and you are forced to give your best. You will never be happy if you are just watching at the corner and letting others operate. You're just like a cheerleader or pep squad who can just shout and use his saliva.

True happiness comes from moving, progressing and succeeding. If you are not achieving something or if you are not playing a big role then you will feel incompleteness, your confidence will go down and people will just leave you anytime they want. Your power will become weaker if you are not taking action. And speaking of power, do you really have power if you let others use you as their confetti?

June 21, 2016


One method that is underrated that can give you an advantage in life is SHOWING EVERY OPTIONS THAT YOU CAN PRESENT. Most people are shy to show what they've got because they thought that it was not good enough or people might laugh at their idea. What they do not know is one of their options might be the one that people were looking for.

In life you have to take chances, you have to show all of your options even if you have no confidence in showing it. Even if you think that your stuffs are ugly and useless, you still have to show it. You don't know that some people might appreciate your options or need your options.

You also have to feel proud about your options because by doing so, you will release an energy of confidence and trust. People will see that you love what you are showing and your stuffs mean something, they will feel that you really mean business and you are there to nail it.

For example, a salesman who is in a car business. He must show every options that he have. Even the tiniest detail and smallest freebies must be offered. He must make sure that he will never leave any options from him undiscussed. He must leave all out there and never take no for an answer. He must have the confidence to show all of his options without any stain of shyness and holding back.

Even if your options seems like useless and garbage, just show it and offer it. Some people might like it and the person that you are talking to at the moment might be the one who will like it so still, take chances. Even if you get embarrassed because your options were not that good for them, be proud still and don't even feel regretful.

Even if your option is like a free mug if they do the transaction with you, just show it still because it might still create an impact and convince  the person that you are dealing business with. What if the color of the mug you offered was his favorite color? what if he loves the design? You may never know what can give you an advantage so whatever it is that you can offer, offer it!

June 21, 2016


If you don't know what to do and you wanted to become successful then this article will help you. What are you doing now? what is your job? what is your hobby? what is the thing that you want?

This method can be done by anyone and it can be applied on anything, there are no restrictions here.

Just do something that you can do and bring it to the highest level. Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever it is that you can do, you can bring it to the highest level and it can give you success.

It doesn't matter what your skill level is, what matters is how far you wanted to go and what is your level of commitment. A lot of people wanted to become great but will stop what they are doing if they didn't see any results after working hard for just a COUPLE OF MONTHS or even just a COUPLE OF WEEKS. These people are weak and want instant results that is why they get instant failures.

If you want to draw but you don't know how, just draw. Draw shapes, draw lines, draw anything you can draw. Draw everyday and one day you will see how good you are. You will become a genius one day because you made a commitment to take your skill to the highest level. You never stop, you do it even if you don't feel good. You just make outputs, time and consistency is your only tool to become great. You use your time wisely, you never miss a day creating outputs and then BANG!!! you're one of the greats already.

Trust that what you are doing will bring fruits one day. You just don't know when will that time come but one thing is for sure, it will come period.

To bring something to the highest level, you should do it everyday and trust that you can become great one day, never doubt what you are doing. If it is about sports, business, writing, politics or anything that you are doing, just do it and never stop. Never stop even if you are exhausted or your passion is running out, always remember that it is normal to get sick and tired of what you are doing. Never worry if the fire is dying because if you keep on doing what you are doing, the fire will become super hot again. The motivation will come back and your excitement will rise again.

I will repeat it again, anything that you wanted to do you can do it. Just make sure that you are consistent and very patient. Never focus on the results because it will only make you feel sad if you didn't see any. Just focus on your actions so time will fly fast and you will not notice that you were already there.

June 20, 2016


Why are you so afraid of pain? why are you resisting pain? why are you so scared of feeling bad? Pain is just a feeling. For others it is a negative feeling but the reality is it is an element to become stronger.

You can't experience becoming stronger if you are refusing to experience pain. If you just want to drink a magic pill and expect to become strong then you are just dreaming, wake up and experience the real life. A life without pain is a life that has no growth.

Just be patient and feel it little by little, endure it, enjoy it and once you get accustomed to it, you will have an easier life.

All the pain do is make you stronger. All the rejection, all the endless hours of training and practicing, all the heartaches, all the failures, all the critics... it hardens you, it makes you a tougher person if you will just look at the positive side. If you will not get depressed about it and channel all of your energy to keep going then for sure you will go so far.

There is nothing wrong in feeling pain, it is normal, it is part of the process. The more pain you get, the stronger you will become. A life without pain is a boring life, it is very predictable and stagnant. You cannot experience real life without pain, because great success cannot be witnessed without passing pain first.

If you are experiencing a lot of pain right now, don't feel bad about it. Treat it as a blessing because it will make your personality tougher. Your endurance will will become very hard to defeat. You can count on yourself anytime you want, any big challenges will look like small. You will transform into a new person that can take charge anytime he wants. You will not be scared of failure because you already experienced it a million times before.

NO PAIN NO GAIN. This quote has been heard a trillion times before, it is scary but true, So if you don't want to feel stress, if you don't want to get hurt then don't ever dream of succeeding. Don't get me wrong, it is ok to just relax and live a mediocre life. There is nothing wrong about that, but if you want to experience a real life then be ready to accept pain.

June 20, 2016


If you are doing something always think that you are improving, have the mindset that once you finish practicing or doing your job then you are different from what you are yesterday, you feel that you reached another level. It is one way how to achieve long lasting happiness in life.

Because progress is one thing that is really enjoyable seeing. People love growth, people love progressing. Progress is so healthy and it makes you motivated. Progress makes you wake up everyday with a purpose. Everyday progress will lead you to greatness.

You should have a mindset of progressing everyday and to achieve this you should work everyday and push a little harder. You should somehow outwork your self yesterday and add a little effort today.

Consistency will make you improve. Practice consistency, it serves as a bridge of yesterday and today. If you can always continue what you are doing and never miss a single day then you will suddenly improve. No need to think if you gain some improvement, if you are consistent then improvement will come naturally. You will not notice that you were already a better person. The transformation is very natural if you are consistent. No need to gather a lot of details, no need to overthink. Just be consistent and you will become successful.

No matter what you do, always seek for improvement. Find what is it in your life that you can improve. It can be about your health, work, physical strength, mental toughness, money, skill or whatever it is that needs improvement. You can improve if you are dedicated and serious. There is no such person as hopeless case and cannot evolve. You can find ways how to get better if you want to make your life better.

June 18, 2016


You can still succeed even if you are not the best in the world. Even if you have no talents, gift or whatever. You can thrive if you can outlast everyone.

In whatever field you are in, it can be about business, music, sports, arts or anything that you are pursuing. If you think you are not the best you can still become the best. Your number one weapon is TIME. Many pretenders nowadays were doing a lot of noise, they tell everyone how good they were, how talented they were but their arrogance will only last for a a few months or even weeks. If you can have the longest time span in doing something then you will become legendary, you will become great, people will know you as an icon and a person who is very serious in what he is doing .

That is why new bands or artists were not given so much respect because they were just new in the business but if they were able to sustain what they are doing, let's say 10 years or more then people will respect them, people will hear them and give tribute to them. It is simply because they outlast everyone. A lot of bands were excited at the beginning, they were dreaming of making a lot of money, dating a lot of girls and living a life of a real rockstar. But when they don't seen any results... THEY JUST QUIT. They don't know that doing something for a long time will make you great. It is very simple you will just live for something and rewards will come naturally. It may come earlier or later but  for sure it will come, no great effort and perseverance hasn't been rewarded.

HYPE IS OVERRATED. Anyone can make hype, anyone can declare that he is rich, great, talented and happy but the question is... was it really true or how long will it last? a lot of people were just good at the beginning, when people were praising them, when people were appreciating them. But when down times hits them... they were like pussies who will not face the sad reality. They will whine like a bitch and complain, they will change direction and begin making temporary noise again.

Life is not about how good you are, it is about how long will you stick with your principles and belief. The universe will not reward a quitter, it will reward a stayer. It is like saying inside of your head to everyone "go ahead and make a noise, go ahead and market yourself, let's see who will stay in the end". With a little smirk on your face and knowing that those pussies will never do their things for a long time.

Did you know some No. 1 picks in the NBA during the NBA draft? some of them were really successful but some of them were big time failures. Those failures have all the hype in the beginning, people were expecting a lot from them, they also thought that it is a walk in the park and they can carry a team to a championship because they were no. 1 draft picks. They thought that they were very talented but when the going gets tough and people didn't believe them anymore... they just quit, they just accept that they were failures and stop working hard anymore. They don't want to stay any longer because of the frustrations that they were experiencing. They cannot endure the critics that is why their happy lives were falling apart.

On the other hand, there were some players who don't have a lot of hype in the beginning but make it big time until the end. They know how to play life. They know that all they need to do is become a professional, just show up everyday, become a little better everyday and never give up until they succeed and that is what usually happens.

If there is no good things that is happening to you just endure it, just stay with your belief, the universe is just testing you if you really want it. If you really want it you will stay, if you really want it you will outlast everyone.

June 18, 2016


Yeah you already fucked up from the past. You already do some stupid shits but are you going to let your life end that way? are you going to just accept the fact that you made mistakes and won't correct any of it?

You have an exam tomorrow (Monday) but you play PS4 the whole weekend, you still have at least 12 hours before exam. Are you just going to use it for sleep or are you going to stay awake the whole night reviewing some lessons? Yeah, you might be too late and you might not study all the coverage of the exam but you can still put something in your head. You can still review some formulas, some dates, some names. Well at least you are expecting some answers and you don't have to copy from your seatmate's answers.

You have a fight next week but all you do the last month is eat some burgers and drink some beers, you party everyday and now you are so overweight, you don't have cardio and you really feel so weak. But again, you still have seven days remaining, what will you do about it? Are you going to just let it pass by or are you going to do some things that will make you stronger a little bit? Even if the time remaining is very little, you still have to make yourself strong. You already made a lot of mistakes from the past but you still have some time to change it. You can still change your destiny and do the right things.

Remember, life is all about living in the moment, you already made mistakes but that was from the past. You can change now, you can do some better things. There is still time, it maybe little but there are still some things that you can do. Do everything to make your self stronger.

I am not a preacher of doing things late. It is much better if you can do your homework very early. The point here is if you are caught in a tight situation because of your irresponsible behavior... you still have some time where you can do small things. Even if you only have few minutes or seconds remaining, you can still do some positive things that will give you some confidence and belief to face the challenges in your life. It maybe late but you can still do something about it.

June 18, 2016


You are in a progress for making a weight cut but you can't see that you are losing weight. It really feels bad if you know that you are working hard everyday and you can't see any result. You did the 1000 pushups, 2 hour run, 1000 situps and many more drills but still there is no result. Don't worry about it, if you think that you are not progressing then you are wrong. You are progressing because you've built the work ethic to do the right thing and that is already a progress. You may not see any result for now but sooner or later you will see it if you stick with the process and do the right thing until the end.

There is always a progress if you are working for a progress. For example if you are a broke son of a bitch and you don't want to live that type of life anymore. Once you decided that you will have a life of financial freedom, what you will do is you will pay all your debts. Even if you are having a hard time paying all of it, that is still a progress. Of course what you envisioned about a life of financial freedom is you are rich and you don't have debts, you have a lot of properties and abundance is everywhere in your life. But the point here is you are still progressing, even if you don't have a lot yet, paying debts and bills and facing all your financial obligations is already a progress so be happy about it. You are in the right direction, it is just a matter of time before you achieved that financial freedom that you are dreaming of.

Making progress is just appreciating the little move that you are doing. Making progress is not all about seeing the results right away. You can make progress just by doing he right decisions and keep on repeating it.

If you are looking for a progress about your financial status, you want to become rich, you want to have a lot of money. It is not all about doubling your bank account right away. If you are decide that you are going to become more responsible about handling your money then that is already a progress. Progress is also making the right decisions. It is also about putting yourself in the right position. You are taking baby steps and you are fine with that, even micro steps should be considered as a blessing. Appreciate all the small progress while working for the progress that is how big progress can be accumulate.

June 18, 2016


If you were trying out for something like dancing, singing or sports maybe, then you should STAND OUT. That is your only chance. You can be not the best on that audition or tryout but still you have to let them see what hasn't seen before. You have to wow the judges or the picker so you will have a bigger chance of getting picked.

A lot of tryouts nowadays has also something to do with politics. Many people were just picked because they have a backer or they were connected to the one who is choosing the applicants. But you shouldn't make that as an excuse. There are many ways to catch attention and that is separating yourself from the pack. You may not be the best but if they see something in you that wasn't seen before... then you can also succeed.

For example in basketball, if you are not that tall or athletic and you also don't have a backer... you must have something that can catch their attention. It can be insane dribbling skills which can be achieved by practicing everyday or very sharp shooting skills which can also be achieved by practicing hundreds of hours. There is no excuse for you not to be picked, the only reason why you haven't been picked is because you've been lazy from the past and you didn't hone your craft.

In singing, if you don't have the nicest or highest voice then you should think something that can touch them. It can be singing with all your heart, when I say with all your heart it means you don't have to follow the traditional way of singing, you don't have to be technical, you will use your own style and you will not be afraid if you will fail. It's like singing fearlessly and singing for yourself. Don't sing for the people or else you will not be able to reveal your true and unique identity.

I know you can show something that wasn't seen before because all of us has his own unique set of skills and abilities, all you have to do is have the courage to express your true identity and do something with all your strength and tenacity.

June 18, 2016


People were so addicted to mainstream. They follow the crowd, once they saw something that was patronized by many, they will also support it. They will support it even though they really don't like it because they don't to want get left behind. They don't want to be labelled as weird, out of fashioned, ignorant, old school, not so cool, not capable of and any other things that mainstream people use to criticize.

What the people don't know by joining the crowd is they are getting weaker. Just because you are joining bigger number of people doesn't mean you are also strong. It makes you weaker because you are not using your own strength. You are just following the crowd and doing what they say you must do.

You also destroy your creativity by following the crowd. You are so concerned about their reactions and comments so you don't express yourself anymore and you don't produce things that you think will not be liked by everyone. You are just following a layout that was invented by many and you don't know yourself anymore. You are not being you, you are being them, you are just following what you think is right because a lot of people do it.

The reality is a lot of people just wants to play safe so they don't want to do their own thing, they don't want to be judged, they don't want to be scrutinized. They were forced to do the things that they don't really love, they keep their power and never use it.

There were some rockstars from the past that were really good in playing music but when they realized that their music is not producing money anymore, they shift to another genre, they play mainstream. They even dance and make stupid moves just to entertain people. Deep inside they don't want it but because they want other people to like them, they do it. They do it for the sake of money and survival. I know they were so sick and tired of doing music that they don't love, they were sick and tired of playing something that doesn't even comes from their heart but they don't have choice because they want people to notice them.

The problem with joining the mainstream is you will not be as passionate as you were before. You do things for people and not for yourself, you please them and you almost forgot what you really love to do. You cannot be at your best because your actions were limited, you feel like you were jailed and you're like a monkey who was forced to dance just to get some bananas.

Being yourself is better than joining the crowd because by doing this you will experience a lot of freedom, you are not scared if something goes wrong or if some people doesn't love what you are doing, you are totally free to express yourself and do the things that you want to do. You don't need to pretend like someone who you are not. Your actions will be authentic, you can say anything you wanted to say, you can produce materials that doesn't need any approval.