May 17, 2016


The only question is... are you winning or not? and if not are you doing something to win? if your answer is yes then probably you don't have to read this article anymore, just go ahead and continue your journey. Never look back and go as far as you can.

Yes it is recession and the economy is falling down. You have the right to use every excuses available on the book and tell the world why are you not succeeding. Yes it is hard to find a job and make money but did those excuses change your life? Did those excuses make you feel better? Did you earn something by using those excuses? YOU ARE STILL A LOSER, nothing has changed by using those excuses. You are still broke and you cannot make it on top, face the reality.

Some people may believe you, some people might sympathized you and listen to your story but that doesn't change the fact that you are still a loser. Don't get me wrong, some excuses are true but if you live up with those excuses nothing will change in your life. You will remain as a whiner that cries everytime you face an adversity. Let me tell you something, why not use your time on making excuses for executing a move that will somehow make your position better?

Tell me a man who made an excuse and is still winning, can you name one? Just admit that you are a loser and move one. You don't need to explain yourself why are you are losing. You don't need to make a lot of dramatic acts and shout to the world that you've been treated unfairly. No matter what you say, no matter how many times you blame the government and the people around you your position will never change, you are still a loser if you are making excuses.

Now what has been done has been done. All those whining and bitching will just make you stuck. You can still make things right. Just shut your mouth and move, you already knew the results you get for making excuses. What was that? NOTHING.

Guess what? you are still alive! A loser from the past can become a winner in the present. All you need to do is put your mind in the right position and you can dramatically change your life. You have a lot of time, don't tell me that you don't have enough time because by doing that you are making excuses again. Use all the resources around you, use what you've learned and do your best.

The moment you find yourself wanting to make excuses again just shut your mouth and find ways how to create a positive momentum. Just remember that success has no time for excuses, winner never make excuses only loser does. Take it one step at a time, build the habits that you need to become successful  and don't ever stop until you reach the top.

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