May 31, 2016



Your dream is already happening now, you just can't accept that it is happening faster than expected. You are just afraid of the transformation because you were so hooked on the preparation. All you've been visualizing from the past, all the hardwork from yesterday were starting to pay off. You just can't accept it because of the pressure it brings. Let me remind you again, there is no success that didn't experience any kind of pressure.

And sometimes you are wondering if it is really happening or you were just afraid because results can't be seen yet.

You've been doing great, you are in the place where your dream should happen. You want to become a basketball player, where are you? in the basketball court right? You are just afraid of the other players because you think they were greater than you. And sometimes you wanted to go back home because you think you cannot to do it. And once you go back home, what will you do? practice and dream again right?

You want to become a singer then what are you doing now? singing right? where are you now? in the audition line right? Your dream is happening now, you're just a little too scared because you've heard other people better than you, which is not true. There is no one better than you if you give your best and give all you've got.

Your dream is happening right now but it doesn't mean it will happen right away, it may take more time or not but it is really happening. If you are taking steps that are connected to your dream then you are already on your way. And don't ever think that your dream might not be for you so you should try something else. Remember the more you become overwhelmed the more you should give your best. Being overwhelmed happens because you are very close to your dreams. The more you get closer the pressure becomes higher.

Anything that you do that is related to your dreams is the correct thing to do. Never live from other people's expectations because you might not be able to show the real you if you felt that way. Stay focus and always take one step at a time. Relax and feel confident, if you cannot feel confident then just try to breath deeper and never think of anything, empty your mind, be like water as Bruce Lee always say.

Overthinking will put yourself into procrastinating. Thoughts like "what if I am not ready?", "what if I suck?", "what if I fail and get embarrassed?", "What if I did something wrong?". Listen, negative thoughts won't give any help to you, if you can't think the right way then just don't think at all. Just do the basics, reveal your skills and never hold back, show them all what you can do.

The proof that your dream is already happening is your actions. You move even if you are scared, you still take chances even if you think you are an underdog. And even if you fail, it doesn't mean that you cannot get your dreams anymore, failure is a mudcoated success. Just keep on failing, learning and then one day you will be on top of the mountain.