May 19, 2016


Don't feel so sorry because you don't have it, don't feel so poor and have self pity because others have it and you don't. You only want it because you don't have it, you only want it because you can't touch it and you can't feel it. Once it is in your arms already you will see that you really don't like it as much as you like it when you still don't have it.

Remember when you were just a child and you want a toy so badly...You always ask your mom to buy that toy and you didn't stop convincing her until you have it. Now when you have it and you are playing it for days you will find out that you really don't like it too much.  You will just play with it for a couple of weeks then you will not touch it anymore. So funny isn't it? the funnier thing is you were already starting to want some other things or something better than what you have. Sometimes you want the same thing, you just want the different brand or style.

The lackness of something makes you want it. Maybe you are envy with others having what you don't have or maybe you just want to experience everything. And it seems like people want everything that they don't have. They can't be satisfied of what they have or at least desire the things that they only needed or really want. Desire something because you need it and really want it from the bottom of your heart, not just because you want to experience it, that is the determinant of knowing what you really want.

Take a look for example a person who always change cars. He always compare his car to others' cars that is why he can't get enough of always selling his present car to buy a new one. The cycle never ends, everytime he see someone's car that is better than his, he will immediately sell his car and buy the latest. It seems like this person is crazy, sometimes it only takes a few months for him to buy another new car. He never reach the final point of happiness, he never gets satisfied. He is trapped in a vicious cycle of  always wanting to have the latest and fanciest car.

Sometimes you think that you want something but the moment you have it in your arms, you will tell to yourself "do I really like this? why did I bought this? maybe the other one is better." There is a sense of unsatisfaction to your decision. You might want to reverse the decision that you made.

Don't be fooled by useless desires because in the end it will not make you feel better, you will feel that you've wasted money and time.

Real happiness is appreciating what you have and not comparing yourself to others. You purchase something because you want it naturally and you are not influenced by others.

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