May 14, 2016


YOU MAKE YOURSELF OLD - rugged breed

So you listen to them that you were too old and cannot do the things that only young ones can do. That is what makes you old, you listen to them, you absorb their information and now you really feel like you're too old. You were scared to try because you were so afraid of being judged. You just accept that your time has passed and you already lost your prime. You make yourself old, is this the way you wanted to end your journey?

They say that it is too late for you to achieve your dreams and your knees were already weakening so you cannot compete at the highest level anymore. You believe on those shits, you sop practicing, you stop pushing and now you feel like you were really old and cannot do something to improve yourself. You are the one who make yourself old, not the time, not the birthdays but you.

You eat a bunch of shits like junk foods and meats that were full of calories and now you were complaining that you cannot move like you use to do. Look at your belly, scale your weight and you will know that it is not the age that is weakening you, it is the stuffs that you put into your stomach. What if you eat healthy foods and make adjustment to your weight, what do you think will be the result?

You make yourself old by listening to what people say and really believing it, you make your self old by engaging on wrong habits and making stupid decisions that are affecting your health. Now who is the one to blame? is it the father time or yourself? A little attitude adjustment can turn things around. You can still become the best even if your age is higher than others.

You make yourself old but you can also make yourself young. It is not too late, you can still achieve your dreams. Never listen to what people say instead listen to your guts. Make the necessary adjustments and do what will make you young. It is time to turn back the clock and dominate the game. Make them realized that age doesn't matter.

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