May 12, 2016



Confidence needs you to show the world that it exist. You don't need confidence, confidence needs you. Whenever there are pressure times, whenever there are moments where a hero must present itself and do heroic things... confidence is looking after you, it needs a body to show that it exist. Because it never enters a human being who will crumble on limelight. It will never enter a human being who will just choke and is afraid to fail. It will only look for people who were scared but are willing to become scared even more. Confidence is embodied by people who were scared and still move despite of being scared.

So never feel sorry if you are not confident because confidence will look after you if you take risks and forget about failing. You will learn that every time you move and every time you risk being humiliated and criticized, confidence will fall in love with you. Confidence will give you confidence, it will enter your system and make you more braver as you continue doing what you are supposed to do. You will even be surprised because you are slowly getting confident and you don't know where it is coming from. It is like you are being baptized by some kind of energy coming from nowhere.

Just show up, show up when you are scared, show up when you are in doubt and confidence will show itself to you. There is no need to feel confident during times where confidence is needed the most, there is no need to become confident during times where fear is eating you. Just use all of your energy, move with all your power and the rest will be taken care of itself. Confidence will be attracted to you if you show no mercy to your fear. Confidence will possess you if you remain unconfident but still acting like you were confident. Just don't be controlled by your fear, fight it if you needed to and go all out. Have a self revolution and unleash your true feelings, unleash the power that is being stopped by your fear.

The main reason why people cannot become confident is they always look for confidence. They buy books on how to become confident, they listen to endless self development books that only takes away their money and they pretend that they were improving. Audiobooks, ebooks seminars - these things only empty your pocket, it doesn't take you to another level. You will find out that you remain the same person as you were. Stop searching to become better and just pull the trigger. Action will kill doubts, movement will make you confident.

Again you don't need confidence because it is always searching for you. It needs you because without you, it cannot show the people that confidence can also live to those people who were scared. So the conclusion is you don't need confidence at all, you just need to move and it will find you no matter how scared you are. The more you move the more confidence will go after you.