May 21, 2016


I know this also happens to you, when you are caught in a nonsense argument where you are trying to prove yourself, where you are trying to protect yourself and make a statement that you are the one who is right. This happens a lot to me, I am making the people around me believe that I am telling the truth and they were the ones whose wrong. It also come to the point where fist fight almost happened because the two different sides doesn't want to admit their faults.

The point is this, what did you get by proving yourself right? what did you get by embarrassing the person you are arguing with? did you become a millionaire? did you make your life better by winning the fight? did the world gave you some respect and put you in history books? did you become smarter? what benefits did you get? NOTHING.

If you know honestly in yourself that you are right then there is no need to make an argument, there is no need to make them realize that you are the better person. What difference does it make? You are just wasting time if you will argue with people who were close minded and cannot accept their faults. The argument will only get bigger and it will never end, no one will win.

If you are caught in a situation where you must argue with somebody to correct his mistakes, just walk away and forget that person. It is not that you are scared or something, you just know that you are the one whose right and you don't want to waste your time for that person. You know you have some other things to do that will make your life better so you don't want to fight with that person anymore.

A lot of people will not admit that they were wrong even if they knew it because they don't want to get embarrassed. They will still fight for their case and pretend that they were the righteous ones. They don't want anybody to step on their ego.

Arguing with someone will only make you feel bad so what is the point in doing it? Let him win and let him celebrate with his stupidity. After all, you know and it is true that you are the one whose right so just being quiet and walking away is not a big deal. You are just doing the right thing because you don't want to level down with people who were acting like they were judges of the supreme court and they cannot make a single mistake.

The ones who just keep quiet and backdown in an argument are the smarter ones because they don't want to engage in any kind of trouble, they have better things to do and they don't want to waste their energy on something that is not worth fighting for. They value their time so much and they want to use it on other more useful things.