May 25, 2016



There is no such thing as luck. Many people believed in luck and that is the reason why they were so unlucky. Luck will only touch people who doesn't believe in it because it only shows itself to people who forced themselves to become lucky, these are the people who work so hard and take no breaks until they become successful. Luck is an excuse use by people who trust on it, they will repeatedly say "I have no luck on that, I am not lucky, luck is not yet on my side." Luck is overrated nowadays and if you are one of these people who believe in it then you are so unlucky.

If you become successful once and yet people doesn't believe in your abilities and they keep on calling you a lucky guy then it is time for you to show them that you can do it again. Once you became successful once you can do it twice or thrice or as long as you want to do it. There is no limit in becoming successful. You can become successful a million times however you like it. That is why there were multi billionaires and ultra successful people, they just repeat what made them successful.

If you are one of these guys that has reached a certain level of success and for whatever reasons you fall down or you hit the rock bottom... just relax. No need to panic, no need to say "my successful life is falling apart, help me!". Common dude, act like a grown up man who can bring himself back on the top. The main thing is this... if you reached the top once you can reach it twice. You've already tasted success and there is no reason you cannot taste it anymore. There were already habits built inside of you, you already knew what to do, all you need to do is reapply the actions that you did from the past to become successful. There is no need to worry, there is no need to think that you just got lucky from the past and you cannot do it anymore. Just do the same amount of effort you did from the past before you became successful or it is better if you can double it up, revive the mindset that bring you to the top, relive it and execute right away. Climb your way back to the top, it is very simple, it is all about repeating the whole process and making certain adjustments if needed.

There were some people who got broke after becoming a millionaire. Maybe they relax or they mishandle the business or maybe they take risks that has very high chances of failing. But they never get depressed and worried, they knew they can bring the glory back and that is what they do. They just take their time, pick themselves up and make proper adjustments to their style. They slowly become successful again because just like I said once you taste the success once, you can taste it twice or even more, all you have to do is trust yourself that you can do it again and of course make an effort to make it happen.

For example the Cadbury chocolate, it comes to the point where it is almost done. There are rumors that some cadbury chocolates have some dirty shits inside of it, I don't know how you call it but it spread to the entire world. The business falls down but it rose to the top again because the people who runs the company knew what to do, they believe that they can become successful again because they knew how to do it and they already made it once.

So don't ever make an assumption that your luck is running out if things go bad. Life is really like that, sometimes you feel that you already owned the world then suddenly you will go back to the bottom again.

Just always remember that success can be repeated over and over again.

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