May 17, 2016


I've seen a lot of posts in social media where it says: "I can't imagine my life without basketball", "I can't imagine my life without my girlfriend", "I can't imagine my life without my bike", "I can't imagine my life without my dog" and any other dramatic lines that I think is real or maybe just for attention seeking purposes. By doing this thing you are only exposing your weakness to people, you are only making yourself look stupid.

Really? you can't imagine your life without those things? if your answer is yes then it simply means you are a weak person. When you were just a baby you were so simply happy being with you parents and drinking a lot of milk. You don't need any of those things to live and now that you were old enough you were asking for a lot of things in order to survive. When did you learn that your happiness comes from external things? You can't imagine your life without those things? I can't imagine you were saying things like that!!

If your happiness comes from people and material things then it simply means you are mentally weak. Happiness can simply created by you and yourself alone. You can be happy whenever and wherever you want. You can be happy at any given moment regardless of what your situation is. It is just a matter of conditioning your mind.

This is not about escaping from reality, only crazy people do that. You can have this uncanny ability where you can choose to become happy every time you feel sad. Emotions can be changed at any given time. No need for healing no need for reflecting, just choose to become happy whether you like it or not.

External forces has nothing to do with your happiness, if you are connecting your happiness to external forces then it will be limited. You only become happy whenever things are good and you are having the things you want which is a sign of weakness.

You can become happy even if you have no partner, money, dogs or anything that you think will be the source of your happiness. And when I say this I am serious, you only become sad because you see the things that you don't have. If you will learn how to appreciate your life and what you have then you have lesser problems.

Make yourself the main source of your happiness, not other people and not any stupid things. You are happy because you love yourself, you are happy because you know how to become happy without any influence of external things or people. Doing the right thing and thinking the right way is already happiness.

Nothing can complete you because you were already completed so don't based your happiness on the things that you have or wanting to have. Look at yourself, look deeply and you will see that happiness can be drawn from within. Relying on something to become happy is completely absurd, you are just wasting your time for doing that. You are just wasting every moment where you can be happy.

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