May 20, 2016


In order to stay long in your work you have to love your work, this is that most people usually say. But what if you are a choosy person and you don't know what work to love? or let's just say that you literally don't want to work. What if you can't find the love in your work because you don't love it from the very start? You've been influence so much by the "you must love your work" thing so you always think that you will not stand your work for so long because you hate it.

Let me wake you up and teach you the right thing. You can fall in love with any kind of work and it is true. Some people thought that they don't love their work but how come they stay in the same company for ten years or more? They say they don't love their work but they still greet their officemates and boss everytime they meet them. If you can stay in your work for so many years it means you love it. There are only specific parts in your work that you don't love but you still love it, if you don't love it then you won't even bother taking a bath before going at your work.

Now if you are really insisting that you don't love your work then you must find a way how to fall in love with it or else you better leave it now.

GO HARD - Go hard in your work, it doesn't matter what kind of work you are in. Just go hard, blue collar or white collar job, regular or managerial position just go hard. By going hard you will appreciate how good you are and that will make you fall in love with your work, you can see your potential and you can see every possibilities in the future. Going hard in your work will give you growth. By going hard you can be promoted to a higher position and that will make you fall in love with your work even more.

EXPERIMENT AND DO SOME EXTRAORDINARY THINGS - doing your work in a different way will make you enjoy it even more. Do something that will make you work even exciting. Have you seen great chefs in you tube? they can do extraordinary things in their work, they can throw the food in the air and catch it with a pan without a single piece of food being wasted. They can even cut the vegetables into nice shapes that makes their dishes look very attractive. While some burger cookers can flip the burgers so high and then they will catch it with the spatula but it won't fall. Some people can find the fun in their jobs and they are aiming to do extraoridnary things that is why they fall in love in their job so much.

FIND THE PURPOSE OF YOUR WORK - why are you working? is it for yourself or for your family? do you work to send your brothers and sisters to college? or do you just work for the sake of doing something everyday so society will see you as a decent and good person? what is your purpose in working? if you have a good purpose such as making your life better, giving your family what they need or just simply earning money so you can buy something useful then it will be easier for you to work everyday. You will be forced to love your work or else you people around you will have a difficult life.

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