May 22, 2016


Don't feel that you just got lucky that is why you are having the opportunity right now. You are not here by accident, you do the work, you work hard and you take every step needed to get in the position that you are holding. So don't ever take your opportunity for granted because it may never come back again.

People may labelled you as a lucky person but it's only their perspective, you don't have any business with them. You got into your position not because of destiny but because of all the works that you put in, because of those little steps that you took from the past.

You are not here because someone helps you, at some point it maybe true but the major reason why are you in your position right now is because you help yourself.

You are not here by accident, if others think that way and they believe that you just got lucky then why don't they find the luck for themselves? You are not here by accident, you have a purpose and you will give a clearer meaning for it. You will show them why you are deserving to your position. You will erase every doubt that people were giving to you. You will show the world that you are here for a reason and you can do something great.

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