May 15, 2016



You fail because you always think that you might lose something. You don't know that there is really nothing to lose, all you can do is gain.

Why are you so afraid to touch the ball? because you were so afraid that you might lose it. Why are you so afraid to try big things? because you were so afraid that you might lose what you have at the moment. Why are you afraid to take the last shot? because you were so afraid that people around you might got angry if you miss it and you might lose them.

Let me wake you up again, do you really think that you own something? And by the way what is the definition of owning something for you? For me the definition of it is you can bring it even if you were already dead. You can bring it to the next life.

You were born with no clothes, no money, no friends so in reality you really don't own anything. All you have is the sweet arms of your mom around you and the sweet smile of your dad while staring at you. You were not rich, you were not popular and you don't owe anything from anyone. So what is it to lose anyway? Even if you become successful and ultra popular, even if you have all the money in the world you cannot bring it to you when you die. The conclusion in life is no one owns anything. No one can bring anything if he is dead.

You must realize that you don't have anything to lose so you can have anything you want. The more you keep in mind that you don't have anything to lose then that is the time you will become more loose. If you were loose you can do anything, you can be anything and you don't have to worry about what might happen, if you are loose everything is possible. You can create miracles because your mind is all about winning. Your mind is not attached to anything, you will feel fee, you will feel so light.

Because if you will study your life, what makes it difficult for you is the attachment to anyone or anything. You were so afraid that if you fail people will see you as a weak person. If you fail you will think that your parents will get mad at you. Well I will say this to you once again... their words doesn't mean anything, it will not contribute to your own happiness. What you need to do is express yourself and never hold back. You only live once so why not make the full use of your life.

Never give value to properties or achievements. If you succeed then celebrate, if you fail then it is fine because you can try again. That is the beauty of life, trials has no limits. Never think that you can never have anything back once you lost it. You can bring back anything, you can bring it back anytime you want.