May 24, 2016



Even if you don't have work yet you still have to work if you want to become successful in life. What do I mean by this? Practice, train, evolve, study, grind,  grow, upgrade your skills. Do something that will make your work easier in the future.

Work even if there is no money, work even if you don't need to work. Because all of the work that you did will be rewarded in the end. You can't see the reward now, you can't touch it now but trust me, no work will not be paid.

Some people will never work if no money is involved, they will never take action if rewards cannot be seen. That is why in the end... they are having a hard time in their work or they are having a hard time looking for work. Because the skills needed to do the work or have the work was not there. They just relax while having no work and they became rusty. They became dumb, they lost their grip and they have no confidence at all. They were doubting themselves and fear is starting to take over.

Look at those MMA fighters or let's say boxers who were waiting for their fights to be scheduled. They just relax, they never throw themselves in fire. They chill, they became fat, they live like a king. And when there is an unexpected opportunity that was offered to them... they think twice, they don't know if they will take it or not because they were not confident on their abilities. They don't want to fight in short notice. They will make excuses such as they were injury, they don't have a full training camp, they must attend the graduation of their children and any other excuses that leads to nowhere.

The only way to secure a work is to work while there is no work because if you do this then work will come to you. You won't be afraid to take the work at any given time because you already did the work and there is no room for doubts because you already erased it while working on your craft.

Having no work is not an excuse not to work. Whether you like it or not you have to work everyday or else you will have no momentum. You will doubt yourself, you will become lazy and you will lose willpower. You will get fat, you will get slow, you will lost every knowledge that you have. The worse thing is you will get depressed and you cannot find your confidence anymore. You're like a kid that was lost in the park, a magician that lost his magic wand. There is no direction in your life and all you have is doubts in your abilities.

Rust is all you have. Rust is the only thing that you can offer if you don't work everyday. Rustiness in a skill that was supposed to be in the highest level if you only worked for it everyday. No matter how great you are, no matter how skilled you are and how confident you are... Those things will fade if you didn't discipline yourself to work everyday. Champions never rest, champions never take a long vacation. Their minds is always on, their motivation is always alive.

Make a decision now if you want to go somewhere. Work while there are no offers yet, work while you are just applying for a job, work while everyone is sleeping. The word "work everyday" is very painful to hear but it is the only way to stay in shape and stay sharp to conquer any obstacles that may come in your way.