May 25, 2016


It is true that you don't need a formal education to succeed, a lot of successful men prove that. They drop out in college or even in high school then they pursuit their dreams relentlessly, they dedicated their lives to grab their dreams and make an impact to the world. It somehow creates an idea that education is not the only basis of person's future. It gives hope to people who didn't finish their studies or cannot even send themselves to school. It made the idea of anything is possible even stronger.

There are lot of breathe taking stories out there about successful men who didn't finish their studies and still succeed, those stories were real and very inspiring. But somehow those stories were misunderstood especially by young folks today. They thought that it is ok to drop out in college or even in highschool because there are proven facts that you can still become successful even if you didn't finish a degree. But sometimes they only use it as an excuse not to study because they were too lazy and they cannot even stomach reading a single page in a book. They just use those idea to escape the boredom and live like a bum.

They were fooled by the stories of Bill Gates, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and any other greats that became big despite of not finishing their studies. I don't know if they really believed on those stories or they just want to believe it so they will have something to explain to people why they don't finish their studies. Or maybe they believe that they can also become successful but the question is... do they have what it takes or do they have the attitude to become successful?

If you leave your education to pursue your dreams then make sure you will die for it, make sure you will dedicate your life and never quit in the end or else don't start at all, just finish your studies and get some good grades. If you don't have an idea, if you are not serious then don't ever compare yourself to Bill Gates or any other greats because those people were very sure where will they go. They were willing to die for their dreams and they really knew what they want from the start. They leave schooling because they want to focus on their dreams and they really believe that they will succeed. They don't want to waste time doing some other things that is why they forget education.

You don't have the right to compare yourself to the great ones if you are just half ass committed and you don't know where will you go. Leaving education is not a joke, you can leave it if you are very sure that you can succeed and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get your dreams, if you were just guessing and trying to impress people then just go home and do your assignments. Do some better things instead of wasting you time and acting like you're one of these geniuses.