May 25, 2016


Everyone wants to become great but not everyone can achieve it. There are only few people in this
world who becomes great, very few, but my question is why not you? You have the power to make your dreams a reality. Everyone is telling the world how good they are but none of them are true. So let me ask you again why not you? You know yourself, you know you are great so why not you?

You've been dreaming everyday, working hard everyday and yet you are holding yourself back. No one gives a damn if you succeed so no one also gives a damn if you fail. You are in a Win-Win situation, show the world how great you are, show them your skills, show them what you've got. Why not you? Everyone has a chance. If you work harder than anyone and dream greater than anyone then you have the right to claim what is rightfully yours. So stop holding back, set the right mentality and steal the throne.

Why not you? stop being humble, sometimes being humble will make you a mediocre individual, being humble will stop you from expressing yourself and showing your greatness. Great people has cockiness inside of them and don't be afraid if you accidentally offended someone because of your greatness. It is not your duty to please people, it is your duty to amaze people. So kill the  little doubt in yourself and let go. Celebrate the freedom of having the ability to chase your dream. Stop questioning yourself if you can do it or not. Anyone can become great but only few men can sacrifice to attain it so why not you? You pay your dues, you did everything you can to make it to the next level so you have every right to be the greatest.

There are people who doesn't deserve attention but they keep on getting it because they were just using their mouth to spread lies about how good they are. Now is the time for the world to see the real deal, it is time to give meaning to greatness. It is time to make the world witness what hasn't been witnessed before, if nobody can show it then why not you? And don't ever pass the limelight to someone else who is just pretending, be the man be number one. Do you want to see someone holding the power who is not deserving?

It's you and only you, you just think that you don't deserve it because you were too humble to admit that you are great. Well, the "pretending times" is over and it is your responsibility to take charge. Lead the pack, prepare yourself to go all out and leave everything on the field. Use all your strength, use all your knowledge. Show them the real you, show them your power. Never stop until you show them how great you are, keep fighting, keep persevering, the time is now it is your time to shine.