May 12, 2016



Life is not that complicated. The life you are living now is the results of your decisions and actions from the past. Look at your past, study it and you will see the reasons why you have the kind of life you are living right now. Don't feel guilty when looking at your past, it is what it is and you can't do anything to change it but you can still do something to change your situation now.

What is on and what is off in your life? tell me. Did you turn off your courage when you are facing a big challenge or did you turn on your fear? You have the right to choose and knowing that you have the right to choose is a big advantage. Choices are free, managing your emotions is possible, choosing what to feel is all in your mind and you can do it.

Turn on the passion when you are doing something and turn off the laziness, it is not that hard to do. You just need to concentrate and be in the moment. Even if you feel bad you still need to do your task seriously with heart. Never do something just for the sake of finishing something. Always pay attention to details and really feel what is going on. Enjoy working even if you feel heavy, feel the movement, appreciate every second that is passing. Always turn on your purpose, be better even if you are not feeling better.

Turn off the habit of being scared to start. When you want to accomplish something you will start anyway whether you like it or not so why not start as soon as you can even if you feel like not starting at all. The trick is this... never believe in your mind, just do what pops out from your head and never mind if it is right or wrong. The focus should be on starting and not on correcting. Turn on the desire to move and accomplish something, turn off the doubts if your actions is on the right path. There is no right or wrong when starting, what is wrong is you are waiting for the perfect time and that perfect time will not arrive, if you are waiting for it you are waiting for eternity.

It is also just a matter of labeling what are the bullshits in your life, when I say labeling it should be correct and honest labeling. Label what is not helping you and throw it outside of your window. If being scared is not helping you then get rid of it, if being lazy is making you poor then you know what to do. Force yourself to work hard and make drastic improvement in your life. Admit that you have bad habits, anyone has, admit it and change it. If you can't admit your habits then it will forever ruin your life.

Always turn on the habits that will give you positive results and turn off what will give you ugly results. You know what are those, there is no need to get a degree for choosing what is right or wrong. It is just basic thinking and sometimes you don't even have to think about it. Good decisions comes from good intentions, always turn on the right way of thinking.

Life is very simple, you just need to choose the right habits and the right way of thinking. There is no special skills needed to succeed it is simply choosing.