May 06, 2016


what do you think will happen if you stay - rugged breed

You already know where are you now, you know what is your condition, you know how much money you have and you know how happy you are. But, sometimes do you still even think what might happen if you stay? What I mean is if you've waited long enough and do the same routine do you think you are more successful?

What do you think will happen if you've started your business idea a few years ago and stay with it until now? do you think you were already successful? Do you think you might be earning a lot of money? You know how much money you have now but I know you are thinking that maybe you have more if you started your business a few years ago. Maybe you are even thinking that you were already a millionaire.

What do you think will happen if you just continue jogging everyday for 10 mins that you started last year. Do you think you are slimmer and healthier? You stop after doing it for just three days because you find a lot of excuses. Excuses such as your knees are in pain, you are not comfortable, you might get injured. How do you think will you look like now if you didn't make those excuses and stay with the pain? It is a mystery right? One thing is for sure, you will look different than how you look now if you didn't stop jogging.

What you need to do is look for something that you want to accomplish and stay with it. Stay with it for a long time, stay with it for the rest of your life. You will not wonder what might happen if you stay and commit yourself until the day that you die. Commitment will not give you resentment. Yes, it is tough if you are not seeing results but it is tougher to wonder what might happen if you didn't quit or if you only start moving.

Days are moving fast, the world is moving fast. You will not even notice that it is already Christmas again after celebrating New year. It is sad to keep on tearing another page of the calendar and you were always wondering what could have happened if you start your journey or if you stay with your journey. You can only discover if you are willing to get better.

Staying for a long time will make you a legend even if you are not getting any rewards from staying. Look at the bands such as metallica, incubus, red hot chili peppers, foo fighters and any other big bands who stayed together for more than 10 years. They will not make it big if they didn't stay. At first they were not getting any rewards for the hardwork that they put in but because they were patient enough to stay and keep doing what they doing, they succeed. It is not a matter of seeing success it is a matter of staying for success.

If you don't want to feel any regrets in life then you should act now, choose what you want to do and stay with your journey regardless of what is happening around. Wait and move, wait for the results and keep moving. It is hard to wonder everyday what could have happened if you stay so start now and play.

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