May 04, 2016


UNLEASH YOUR GIFT - rugged breed

Each one of us have a gift that was already part of our personality since the day we were born, it could be a gift about singing, dancing, poetry, business, acting, athletics etc. No person is born without a gift. They just need to find what it is. It can be simple and has nothing to do with entertaining people but a gift is still a gift and you need to make it grow. You need to nourish it and bring it to the highest level.

It is true that each one of us have a skillset or talent that is unique from others but we tend to forget how to use it in the right way. Some people were naturally gifted in talking to other people. They make good connections to other people and it seems like they read people's minds. These people can be very good in sales marketing, coach in self development, tour guiding or anything that requires the use of mouth. But what did they do? they use their gifts for gossips, trash talking and bad mouthing everyone, their gifts was not realized and not used in the proper way. Their gifts were wasted and gone for nothing.

If you think you are good in writing then just write, forget about the technicalities in writing. Forget about your grammar, just write what your heart says and never stop expressing yourself, write any subject that you want to write. If you think you are good in dancing then just dance, kill the dance floor, make your body move and never hold back. Never get conservative in your movements, just let go of the movement that your body is itching. If you are good in singing then sing your heart out, sing loud, join contests. Sing until the world sings with you, never keep your voice, let the world hear it.

The gift that was given to you was meant to be exposed and not to be hidden. Don't be shy because doing that will lead you to nowhere, you will only regret it in the end if you no longer have the strength to show what you've got. If you keep hiding your talents then it will fade and you will forget how to use it. Use it everyday, make it bigger, make it shine. Never mind if there is no one appreciating your talent, what matters is you are using it to the fullest and you are enjoying showing it to the world.

And one more thing, once you already exposed your talent and you are comfortable showing it to the people then you must take care of it. You must still add something new to your talent. You should study, learn and keep growing. Never get confident that you are the best so you don't need to study anymore. Having a mindset of you were already good so you don't need to improve anymore will make you go down. Be humble, keep improving and never stop. Talents will go away if it is not paired with hardwork and discipline.