May 17, 2016


For people who were struggling, tomorrow is a new day but for people that have already established good momentum in their lives... tomorrow is an old day. Just repeat what made you successful, never change your habits and continue being successful. Your life will purely be repetition. If you got sick and tired of getting the same success over and over again then that is the time to change some routines and add some new things into your daily life. But if you were honestly satisfied then don't change at all. Tomorrow is an old day, nothing new just cherish it and enjoy it.

For those who were always failing, tomorrow is a new to day for you. Remove the old thoughts in your head that is making you a failure. Forget the mistakes that you did from the past, those shits won't give you any good. It is time to make a declaration that you will do your best this time. If you will treat tomorrow like an old day then you will bring the bad habits, bad thoughts and bad decisions from the past. Always treat tomorrow as a new day because it is. You can start fresh, you can do the things that are right to put yourself in a better situation. Take it slow, the new life is waiting for you.

Life is very simple if you will make it simple, it is just a matter of treating any day as old or new. Choosing what thoughts and implementing the right attitude are the key ingredients to success.

There were some people who cannot change their lives because the wrong doings and failures from the past were always brought in the future. They don't want to move on and change their perspectives. They were always looking for the right timing, they were waiting for someone to save them.

To thrive in life you must learn how to always press the RESET BUTTON. Everytime you do something foolish in the past, everytime you fail and made mistakes, always press the reset button. Start over again. Start stronger and finish faster. It is now how you start but how you finish, this is an old saying but it is really true. No matter how deep you are in the quicksand, no matter how big your debts are just choose a positive mindset and always remember that you can still make things right.

It is hard to forget the big problems, it is hard to erase the traumatic experiences but throwing all of it away in your life is the only way to start again. You cannot start if you have big burdens inside of your chest. Do it anyway, if negative thoughts were about to enter your mind and dominate your brain again replace it with positive thoughts, replace it with better promises. Yes it feels like you are going to get crazy but always trust that you will be alright in the end.

Just like I said tomorrow can be an old or new day. Make it old if you are succeeding, make it new if you are failing.

At the end of the day, it is you and only you who is responsible for the outcome of your life. Not your mama, not your brothers and sisters, not the government or economic crises. It is YOU.

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