May 06, 2016


Having regrets is really hard. You want to go back to the past but you can't. You want to change things because you already knew what is needed to be done but things already happened and there is nothing you can do about it anymore.Now listen, you have a new life and you already experienced the feeling of having regrets, it is an ugly feeling right? So next time you have to be smart and take right decisions to avoid the feeling regret. I have here the best ways to avoid regret, follow this and you will never be regretful in your life again:

1. Even if you don't feel like moving just do something small - Regrets happens because of the things that we don't do, there are no regrets on the actions that we take because we found out the results even if we don't like the outcome. Regrets usually happen when you don't want to do something because you thought that it is hard so you just procrastinate and take things for granted, later you will find out that you can also the thing that you thought is hard. What you need to do is take a small action that is related to the thing that you must do or afraid to do, just do something and build momentum, take little steps and go far as you can. If you fail or didn't finish what you are ought to do, you will have no any regrets because you take actions despite of not feeling it. At some point you will be happy because you know you did something and you fight your laziness and cowardness.

2. Give your all - this is another way to avoid regret and no one can contest about it. You know in yourself if you give your all, if there is nothing more left in your tank. Giving your best is not enough because giving your best is just an excuse. Many people say "I give my best but my best wasn't good enough". That praise is just an excuse so what you need to do is give your all because giving your all is far way better than giving your best. Giving your best means there is still something left on you that is why there is a little bit of regret that may occur but giving your all will make you feel you already saw the extremes, you already saw your full potential so even if you fail or win you are still happy. Giving your all will make you see if you can really do it or not, so give your all and not your best.

3. Don't let anyone play a major part when making a decision - if you will fail, fail because of your own judgement and mistakes. Never let anyone affect your decision because in doing so you will lately realized that the person you follow is wrong. Lose because of your shortcomings, fail because you decide to follow your heart. If you lose because you let other people control the situation then you will feel a big regret in your heart. It is feeling like you don't have the power to create something big, you will feel pity for yourself because you want to decide for yourself but other people decide for you. Go ahead and take the risk, it is your life anyway, you will be the one to take the blame and not them so take the chance and make it happen. I've been living my life full of regrets because I let someone make the decision for me, I pass the responsibility to them but I know in my self I can do better than them. It is time to stand for what you believe in, throw yourself out there and make bold decisions and actions.