May 18, 2016


Everyone says know your worth and you must always aimed for the larger picture. They said dream big and never settle for less. Well, those assumptions were true you should know your worth and always think big but there is nothing wrong in taking low priced jobs for real because low priced jobs is the starting point for getting high priced jobs.

You can't be just being proud of yourself and asking for managerial position or CEO salaries. How can you do that if you don't have the capabilities and experience? if you want a high salary position without working for it then you will be dreaming forever. Start at the bottom and step every ladder. Your time will come if you are willing to do the work.

Accept the low priced job first and climb your way to the top. Be ok to take the slow but sure process. Some people wanted to make it big time so fast and they end up falling down at the lowest. You can't rush being a millionaire, some people did it but they were cheating the system and they end up on being broke again. If you take the shortcut you will fall short.

There is nothing wrong in taking the low priced jobs for as long as you are not satisfied with it. You take it because you want to have higher priced jobs, it is just the stepping stone. It is not that you take it because that is what you believe you deserve. You take it to have something while preparing for the big thing.

This is a big problem nowadays why there are lots of people who were unemployed. They wanted to have high paying jobs right away without the willingness to work for it. They just want it like a child and if they didn't get it they will cry and act like a baby whose milk was stolen.

Be humble, if you know your worth then you can take what is meant for you. If at the moment all you can get is the low paying jobs then be happy with it for a while. After all if you really wanted to make it big time then you will do whatever it takes to make it to the next level. Just be patient and make slow progress everyday. Life is not a race, don't aim for a lucky trip to success.

Every big person starts at the bottom, some even do jobs for free. Don't act like you're a special person that needs to be treated special. Don't act as if you're a chosen one and you can choose whatever treatment you like. The days were stupid people who only used their mouth and became successful  is over. This is already a grind generation, those who work the hardest will go the farthest.

Go and take every opportunity presented infront of you. Stop being choosy and acting bitchy. There is no easy way to the top. You have to experienced the different levels of life so if you reach the top and you fall to the rock bottom again, nothing is new to you. It is not a big deal to you anymore because you've been in that place before.

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