May 20, 2016



So you've been grinding so hard for so many years and yet you haven't succeeded in life. You've been eating dust and drinking blood but the outcome can't come out at all. You've been chasing this big dream of yours for your whole life and it seems that that dream is going to be forever a dream. Are you going to stop or are you going to continue? My honest and friendly advice is just stop because you're so tired and you wanted to quit a few years ago, I've seen enough and I think that you deserve a rest. But... my badass advice is KEEP GOING. I know you are very tired and in pain but that's the point, you're already in pain, your're almost dead so why not keep pushing? Chase that dream, be relentless, push trough until something shows in your way.

Keep chasing until your dream is the one chasing you. Yeah, what you heard is right, if you keep on chasing then one day your dream is the one who will chase you. Want to know some evidence if it is real? look at your idols, look at the big names that you know, look at those successful people. One good example is Michael Jordan, before he was a champion and an MVP he is chasing his dream for so long, he wanted to become great. Before he became successful, he was cut out from a high school varsity team. Before he became an NBA champion, his team the Chicago bulls was knocked out a lot of times in playoffs. He didn't became successful right away, he faced a lot of adversities and he overcome all of it.

He works extremely hard to become successful, just like what he said his game was built in fire and not in flash. He chases his dream for so long and now his dream is chasing him. He is the one being chased now, success is chasing him so bad. Money is chasing him, endorsements were chasing him because he was so great and that greatness was built from chasing his dreams. That greatness was built from hardwork and dedication. His sacrifice pay off, now he was just sitting pretty and success is going at him naturally.

So keep chasing until you reverse the situation. Keep chasing until they were the ones who are chasing you. You can do it, the time you spend for chasing your dreams will give you toughness, greatness and all the skills you needed to become successful. They will notice your skills, they will see how great you are and they will give you a lot of attention. They will always look for you because you have what they want, you create an impact by the hardwork that you put in.

So don't worry if you are not seeing any fruits of your labor right now, your time will come. Keep doing the things that will make you great so they will be the one who will chase you in the end. Once you become great you don't need to chase success anymore, you don't need to look for people anymore, the money will flow into your life naturally. Just be patient, keep dreaming and keep chasing.

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