May 14, 2016


the main reason why you don't love your work - rugged breed

What kind of work do you have? is it a good work, is it a blue collar or white collar? does it give you a lot of money or a lot of stress? No mater what kind of work it is, let's accept the fact that it is your way of living. It gives you money and it keeps you alive. Don't be ashamed of your work because one day you might lose it and you will regret it.

So many people nowadays were complaining about their work, they say they hate their work, they say their work doesn't give them a lot of money and they deserve more. They say their boss sucks and their co workers sucks and lot of different stories that makes them hate their works even stronger.

It's not about the kind of work or how difficult your work is, it is not also about the people around you. You can still enjoy your work even if people around you were so annoying. The main reason why you don't love your work anymore is you cannot see any progress from it. You cannot see that you are evolving. That is why being promoted will give you back the love that was lost in your work, being promoted will make you feel that you are progressing and there is a good future ahead of you if you stay longer in the company that you are working.

But what if no matter how hard you work and no matter how hard you please your boss, you are still not promoted? what will you do? Are you just gonna cry in your table everyday and keep cursing your work? Are you gonna be like others who take their works for granted and stop giving their best?

Progress is everywhere, people are just not appreciating life that is why they cannot see progress in their work. Now, if you cannot see progress naturally then it is time for you to set it forcefully. If the company you are working in cannot give you bigger money or cannot promote you then it is time for you to save some money. You can see progress by saving money, start now, everytime you get money from payday, you should keep some part of it. Find a box or piggy bank and insert some money in it. Watch your money grow, it is slow but it is giving you a progress. You will become excited in your work because you knew your work is making your savings big. Your love in your work will come back because you can see that you are progressing.

If you cannot save money because you have a lot of bills to pay then it is time for you to look where your money is going. It is just a matter of seeing the progress. If you have children, appreciate that you can send them to school because of your work. There is still progress there because every year your children is going to school and every year they were progressing to another level. How good was that? Your money may not be progressing but your children are progressing so there is still a part in you that is progressing.

Some people after getting their paycheck will use their money in drinking, buying clothes and unnecessary stuffs, where is the progress in those activities? that is why they were only happy on paydays and when it is over they go back on being depressed again. They were not growing they were only surviving.

There are lots of ways to progress, there are different ways on how to feel it. Just like I said, it is just a matter of seeing it.