May 19, 2016


That's just a simple challenge compared to the big challenges that someone else is facing. You are only facing an exam tomorrow and you are panicking? it's just a matter of answering the papers and solving some problems and you feel like someone is going to kill you? Stop over reacting, stop making difficult life for you by looking at the situation as difficult. You can make it easy, study hard so you won't have time to worry. That's just a simple challenge compare to other people's problems. Some people can't even go to school instead they work at the early stage of their lives to support their basic needs so you must not take that opportunity for granted. Just do the basics, study hard answer the exam and live with the results. If you fail then try again, as simple as that.

You have a quota in your work and you are so worried if you can reach it or not. Tell me, are you going to get rich if you reach that quota? Is your boss gonna throw you in a sea full of piranhas if you don't reach it? What is it to worry about?. I know reaching quota is important but that was just a simple challenge. You need to give your best but you don't need to get so serious because you will only stress yourself. Some people don't even have a work but they can still put a smile on their face. Some people don't even have the machinery to look for a job bu they can still feel that they were blessed. Some people were suffering more than you, look at them and you will see how lucky you are.

Your relationship is in trouble, it's just a normal problem but why are you acting like it is the end of the world? Nobody dies so rejoice even if you are facing a problem. Relationship problems is just a simple challenge. You can fix it if you really want to, swallow your pride and do whatever it takes to bring your partner back. If she/he doesn't come back then it is time for you to move on. Heal with time, that emotion will go away in just a few weeks or months. Face that you are broken hearted, allow your self to become dramatic for a short time and then go live a new life. Be happy even if your relationship has ended, you are still lucky because some people didn't even experience how it feels to fall in love.

Life is full of challenges. It is not about how big or small is the challenge that you are facing, it is how you react with it and it is how you pick yourself up. There are lots of people who were facing bigger challenges than you but they can still manage to smile and they were doing good in their lives. No challenge can be beaten, no adversity can be dismantled. You are still alive, you are lucky and you can do more in your life.