May 23, 2016


how to test your level - rugged breed

You wanna know what your level is? test it. You can only test your level by testing it with another level. If you wanna know how good or strong you are then you should compete with a stronger person like you. You will not know your level if you were always dominating people who were weaker than you. They will easily submit into your strength and they cannot push you to your limits. In other words they were just like goldfishes eaten by a piranha. Yeah it is fun to dominate but wait until a stronger person meets you and look how he will dominate you. You will get overwhelmed because you are so used to beating weaker people.

You will not know how strong you are until you meet someone who is also strong and has the same drive and fire as yours. You will not know what is your true potential if you keep on winning everyday and beating people who has no intention to become better versions of themselves.

Go to different places, go to different scenarios. Exposed yourself to potential losing. You cannot know your level and move to another level if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again. You cannot grow if you will not lose. The only way to move to another level is through resistance and some pressure. Always be willing to fail because that is the only way to know what your true strength is. Failing and getting beat up is the best way to grow and become stronger than before. Losing will give you motivation, winning will make you satisfied.

Your personality will grow if you keep on testing it and you will not be tested if you keep on associating yourself to the same types of people everyday. I am not saying that you should leave your friends or something. My point here is go to somewhere where you can find people and experiences that will expand you and make you feel that you are not strong. Look for a place where it is hard to dominate and there are lots of competitors. Make sure you will feel fear and self doubt.

That is why true competitors look for bigger challenges in life, they don't shy away from losing. They welcome the idea of being beaten. They always look for stronger challenges because that is where they find growth. They easily got bored by winning over weaker opponents. They knew that becoming stronger also needs feeling weaker, you have to feel weak first so you will work hard to become stronger. And besides, what is fun in winning over weaker opponents? what is fun in over powering people who you knew will have no chance against you?

It is true that iron sharpens iron, you will not become sharp if you are being sharpen by rusty irons. You know in yourself if you need to grow, find challenges that has no assurance of winning, find challenges that has bigger percentage of losing. In losing you will find growth, in losing you will get feedbacks, you will get clues about what you need to do to enter a new level.

Most people thought that by winning you will level up and by losing you will level down. Not all the times this is true. Sometimes winning will make you stuck in your place and you will be satisfied in your position. Sometimes losing will make you realize that you are not that strong enough so you need to do something else to make yourself move to another level.

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