May 25, 2016



People were so addicted in doing less but wanting more, They want shortcuts, they wanted the easy route so in the end they will be forced to go back to where they belong and repeat the process again. The worse thing is sometimes they even have to double the work.

Taking steroids.  You were so obsessed in making your muscles grow and becoming stronger in the fastest possible time, you don't want to make a lot of sacrifices so you just take steroids. WOW! you feel alive while flexing your muscles infront of the mirror. You were so happy because while others were killing themselves in the gym, you were just oiling your muscles and posting selfies at social medias. What a fast success! Just spending a couple of bucks for the illegal drug and injecting it in your ass then BOOM!... Arnold Schwarzeneger Jr was born. The strength is unbelievable, the muscles were immeasurable. You're a complete hulkster in just a few seconds. You were so blinded by the fake success that you attained but when reality sinks in and the side effects begin to take over in your body... Ouch! the pain hurts, you feel you are getting weaker and weaker, your muscles start to sag and you're starting to look like a balloon deflated. You look older and weaker, it seems like you are suffering from some kind of a disease.

Now you must go back, now that you've learned your lessons you need to go back and start from zero. Truth hurts, you need to lift a lot of heavy weights again and eat a lot of protein. You only wasted your time trying some stupid drug that was know from destroying body builder's lives.

Investing in a Get Rich Quick Scheme. So you don't want to work like almost everyone . You invested your little savings into a get rich quick scheme that you don't even know if is real or not. They promised you Ferraris, Mansions, Louis Vittons, Rolex watches and any other luxurious things that everyone is dreaming of. You get excited because you were seeing results in the beginning, you feel like you've made it, "Wow I finally hit the jackpot" as you keep telling yourself. But when the scam was exposed and you heard in the news that the company you join was just a scam... It feels like the world drop its weight on you, you can't speak, you can't eat, you feel like you wanted to die. Now all you have is zero dollars, what a way to live a life. You're a broke son of a bitch because you wanted to become rich... in the fast way. The result is you have to start on saving money again in your piggy bank and wait for it to grow, you have to work double hard again because you don't want to work at all. BACK TO ZERO CHICO!!!

Just getting the diploma. You are just going to school because you wanted to get a diploma, you don't even want to learn something. You just go to school for formality and so people will think that you are a right thinking individual. You get your allowance, go to school and copy during exams. What an easy life!!! You're acting like a son of a sultan. You don't need to think and yet you still get a diploma. The next sequence is you got hired in a work because you came from a popular school and when they ask you to do something... your brain seems like it is malfunctioning, it looks like it was empty. And people around you will laugh because they still need to assist you like a baby. You look like an aluminum with a gold coating. They hired you because you get good grades and you came from a well known university. But when it is time to prove your worth, you can't prove anything. That is what you get by trusting shortcuts, that is your punishment for not doing your homeworks... you will look like ignorant.

Taking shortcuts will make you feel successful for only just a short period of time, that success won't last and the effects of taking it will take you back to reality. It will make you realized how dumb you are for refusing to work.

The finishing line of shortcut is located at the starting line, you need to go back and do the things that you didn't do.  You have to begin again, you have to suffer again. There is no other way around if you wanted to make a comeback.