May 14, 2016


Even if it feels like it is not  the right time, do what you are supposed to do anyway. Strike even if the timing looks so ugly. The reality is you don't even know what the right timing is. You don't even know when is the right time to do things. So what you need to do is assume that the right timing is now. Regardless of how you feel... make the first step and gather a momentum.

You wait so much for the perfect timing, you wait so much and you just wanted to feel good before you begin so there is no good things happening in your life. I don't know if you are really waiting for the right timing or you are just making an excuse so you will not do things.

We don't know what will happen tomorrow, nobody can predict what the future brings so everything you can do, you have to do it now. Stop playing the waiting game and strike right away. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I am speaking reality here and make you wake up and realized that there is so much time being wasted for waiting.

The idea here is you don't need to get results yet, never expect great results. You just need to build a momentum and reveal what to do next. So even if you feel so heavy, even if it feels not right you still have to force yourself to take the first step. Doing the first step is hard but once you do it then everything will be easier.

A lot of folks out there were making excuses that it is not the right time yet.

It is not the right time to build a business because it is recession. It is not the right time to try out for a team because the team is still loaded with talents. It is not the right time to invest because the economy is falling. It is not the time to have a partner for life because the money is not enough. It is not the time to leave the company because it is hard to get a new job nowadays. It is not the time to ask for forgiveness because the pain hasn't healed yet (even if the misunderstanding is already 2 weeks ago)

There are millions of excuses written on the book for you to use and not to make the first step. I am giving you a warning that if you will not decide to take immediate actions now there is a tendency that you will not do it forever. Time will pass and you will be forever wondering what could might happen if you take action a few years ago. The only way to know the right timing is to take the risk and make a move without hesitation. Don't be afraid if you will go wrong, don't be afraid if you will fail. At least you know how will the situation look like and you will already know what to do next.

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