May 26, 2016



Say it, do it, ask for it, show your pure intention, show your honesty, show it fast and show it without conscience. You've been playing around for so long that is why your goal had escaped from your hands.

If you need to say something say it. Stop hesitating, the more you hesitate, the more you can't say it. The more you take your time, the more it will slip from your hands. Just say what you wanted to say. Say sorry to the person you accidentally or intentionally hurt, say I love you to your crush, say something. Even if you don't know how to say it, just say it. There is no right or wrong when saying something for as long as the intention is clear and the message can be understood very well, say it however you wanted to say it. Either you say it loud or you say it soft, the most important thing is keep the message clear. Don't wait until your saliva becomes dry, speak what is inside of your heart.

Ask for it. Ask for what is it that you want. Ask your crush for a date, ask for an increase, ask for a nicer role, ask for bigger money, ask for more opportunities. Just ask, even if you don't get what you want, then at least you ask. You will never have regrets in the end if you ask because you push further and you take chances. You learned what is not for you. There is a 99% percent that you will get what you want if you ask, just make sure you ask with confidence. Stop playing around, ask for what you want. Be like a child when you ask for something, let them feel the sincerity in your words that you want it so bad.

Do it. You know you wanted to do it, you just don't have enough confidence to start. Stop playing around. If you wanted to become an artist then do it, know your passion, start now and start making arts, forget if you are producing ugly arts, there is no ugly in arts, what matters is you express yourself. If you wanted to become a hollywood artist then what are you waiting for? look for some auditions and never stop applying until a break was given to you, attend seminars or workshops to become a great actor if needed, do something that will make you closer to your dream, stop playing around and acting like you don't want it, just do it. If you wanted to become a basketball player then be it, take the ball and make it happen, try out for different teams, don't stop until you become a player, break ankles if needed, just do it now and stop playing around.

Most of you can't get what you want because you've been always playing around. You do unnecessary things that is only delaying you from getting your dreams. You engage yourself into stupid stuffs and useless thoughts. All you need to do is act right away. Ask if you need to ask, talk if you need to talk, move if you need to move. No more thinking is needed, enough of the hesitation, enough of the "playing conservative" effect.

Time is ticking, if you will not do what is needed now then you may not do it forever. Act fast while you still have a chance, never let your fear stop you. The place for you is waiting, get it while nobody still have it.