May 05, 2016


You always condemn squatters, you look at them as small people and has no use in the community. Well, not all of them but most of them were really not doing anything good. A lot of rubbers, criminals and not right thinking people came from their community but I will repeat...NOT ALL OF THEM. There were still some good individuals from their place, there were still some people who have dreams and wants to escape poverty. The sad thing is we identified them as a whole and we do not consider other people from their community that are still right thinking individuals who has purpose in their lives and want to contribute something good to the society.

But in every negative thing there is still a positive thing. You can still see a good quality from squatters. One good thing that I see from them is their mentality, not their whole mentality but just some part of it. From what I see and what I hear and what I've been witnessing squatters are really brave they fight for what they think belongs to them but the sad thing is they were wrong, they fight for their homes but the properties doesn't belong to them . The good side here is their mentality of bravery, you fight for your home because it is the only thing that you have. 

Squatter mentality is hungry, they do whatever it takes to have food on their table. They devour every opportunity that is presented in front of them. They don't care how will they do it, all they know is they have to do it. The bad thing here is they got involved in robbery and different crimes just to have something to eat and to survive a day. They rob, they break laws just to put something on their hungry stomach.

A squatter mentality is tough, it can adopt to any situations. Look at the children from squatters, even if their surrounding is dirty they still survive, it is because they can easily adopt to any situation no matter how ugly it is. They were raised to adopt harsh environments but the negative side of it is they only adopt and they don't want to improve, they just accept their lives and die the same person since they were born.

A squatter mentality is good when it is used in the right away, the sad thing is they use it in the wrong way. They use their bravery to fight for a land that was not theirs, they fight the police, they fight the government and the funnier thing is they pretend that they were mistreated and labelled as not humans. They use their hungriness to commit crimes, they do scary things and they were not afraid to get jailed or get killed. It is like all or nothing to them. They were like wild dogs who escaped from their cages.

If you will use the squatter mentality the right way then you will succeed, especially if you will use it to pursue goals and big things. Because squatter mentality is a tough mentality and it is build to beat any type of challenges.

Copy their bravery, fight for your dreams, don't be afraid of adversity. Just do it without any excuses. Get what you think is rightfully yours but get it without braking any law. Just be brave in any situation and fight for your dreams like you are fighting for your life. If you can be brave like squatters then you can thrive, you can cope to any situation and do something about it.

Copy their hungriness, you do whatever it takes. You do what you know and you live with the results. You don't have any second thought, you strike at any moment and you don't wait for the right timing, All you know is you need to do it. You are single minded and your focus is to get what you want. But let me remind you again, every action that comes from you must be with in the accordance of the law.

Copy their adaptability, adapt to any tough situations, adapt to any ugly circumstances. Have a mindset that everything is just temporary and you can change your situation if you stick to your goals no matter what.

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