May 26, 2016


signs that you are on your way togreatness - rugged breed

Your on your way to greatness if you are pursuing it, really pursuing it and not just doing something for the sake of having something to be proud of. Being great is a long road but it is worth it. You will experience a lot of hardships but your personality will evolve to a different level especially if you are pushing so hard that it comes to a point where you wanted to give up. But if you are sincere in pursuing greatness, you will never give up, you will rest for a moment then you will continue your journey again. There are signs that you are on your way to greatness, sometimes you will not notice it, here are the signs that I am talking about:

You don't look for others' lives anymore. You are so focus on becoming better everyday, you are so focus on yourself so you don't have time for gossips, news and any other things that will just hinder you to become great. You don't care who is succeeding or not, all you know is you must work hard and move fast in order to reach the top. Small problems doesn't bother you anymore. Partying, drinking, reunions - you don't have a lot of time for these events. Sometimes you don't even know that today is the birthday of your friend. You also don't bother who is the champion of your favorite sport. You know that others' lives is irrelevant to what you are doing that is why you don't give so much importance to them.

You have a laser like focus. Even if you are not getting any results you are still focus on what you are doing. You have a mindset that one day you will achieve what you want and you will not be able to get it if your mind is cluttered. You are consistent on taking steps everyday, you got angry when you miss a day of working for your dreams. You spend at least 90 percent of your time everyday working to become great.

You knew you can also become like your idol. You developed a very strong confidence from working hard everyday. There is a vision of you can also become like your idol, you knew that your idol just work hard that is why he became great. You don't see any special about your idol anymore because you already knew the recipe to become great and that is commitment and hardwork. You treat your idol like an ordinary person and you begin to lose interest in him because you already have your own path to greatness.

You value your time so much because you want it so badly. You became cautious of how you spend your time everyday. You don't want to waste your time because it is the most precious thing to you. You want to become great faster than expected but you are not rushing, you are still patient. It's just wasting time is not attractive to you anymore because you knew that life is so short and you don't know what may happen tomorrow. You also don't want to waste your time for people, activities that are not helping you to push your way to the top.

You have a very scary goal and you don't mind it. Your goal is not just an ordinary goal, your goal is scary but you are not afraid to reach it because you have a belief that only great people possess. Your goal may look like impossible to others but you are not afraid to try because you knew you only have one life and you don't want to waste it. You want to become great so bad that you don't know the difference between easy and hard anymore.

You are starting to talk differently. The way you talk is something that ordinary people cannot understand. You begin to talk weird, they begin to talk behind you and say "what is wrong with this guy?". Your personality changes little by little, you speak words that are impossible to believe especially by those people who don't have the same vision as yours. You keep talking about how anyone can make dramatic improvement to his life and that anything is possible. You want to inspire others but some people weren't inspired by your words. Sometimes they will think that you are going crazy.

Your tolerance in pain is very high. Sometimes you no longer feel pain, hardships and adversity. Your dream of becoming great serve as a concealer from the pain that you get for pursuing greatness. You keep pushing no matter what. You are willing to go further and do whatever it takes. You can be awake for three days straight doing what you need to do without taking any drugs. You can stay focus and not eat food for longer hours. You can stomach failing multiple times because you know that being great is a process and failure is the number one requirement.