May 16, 2016


One results changer or life alterer is showing people how you feel. This may make an impact or not but I am very sure this will catch some attention. Be authentic, be genuine, show them how you feel so they will make some adjustments.

But this is not about acting like a baby or wanting to become a spoiled brat. This only applies when you work so hard, I mean you really really work so hard and you honestly believe that you deserve something more. Because at the end of the day, no one will give attention to people who were so dramatic but do not deserve to be attended. No one gives a shit to those people who cannot give something interesting and useful.

If you want an increase and your boss seems like an old acacia tree that cannot see your effort and the hard work that you are putting in then it is time for you to let him feel that you are not happy anymore. Don't greet him, don't put a smile on your face when you see him. Make him feel that there is something wrong. Do this for just a few days and see if your boss will talk to you. But still, make sure that your work is not changing, your hardwork should be the same and your dedication should not change. Because if you downgrade your level of work then you cannot grab any attention. Again you can only do this if you have the right to demand, you can act like you want something if you are a top worker and has put in a lot of hardwork. If you are a lazy bumass and has no potential then don't even think to make a dramatic act.

If your boss feel how you feel then good, if not then you know what to do... stop the dramatic sequences and pass the resignation paper. After all you know if you can find another company, you know if you have what it takes to expect different offers.

If you are really good, if you can bring something on the table then people around you will notice if you are not happy anymore, they will do whatever it takes to make you stay and be happy again. They will be scared if you leave because they know you can do a lot and their operation will never be the same again. They always knew that you have a big value in their company so the conclusoin is... you have every right to demand.

Showing that you are not happy can be done in different ways. You can let them feel you by not talking a lot, always being alone, leaving the office early, not engaging into different activities, not eating lunch with them or even disagreeing to your boss' plans. Again make sure that your work is not being compromised or else your drama will not become effective. Always make sure that you still work hard everyday, much better if you will double your hardwork.

This style is usually done by people who cannot talk to their bosses directly. These were usually done by people who were so shy and were afraid to get rejected. But if you can have the guts to talk to your boss directly then why not do it? it is much better to talk to him seriously and tell your demands instead of making dramatic acts. Knock into his room, forget if he is busy or not, tell him that you want something else or else you will leave.