May 04, 2016



When someone texted you and invited you to a party of course your reaction is you will get excited and wanted to go to the party immediately. But what if you have responsibilities to do? such as doing your assignments, finishing your project or doing the house hold chores? Most people will choose the more enjoyable choice. Of course they will go to the party, they will tell to themselves "I can do this later after I got home" which will never happen. How can you still do your tasks if you were already tired or drunk?

If you have to choose between good times and boring times always choose the boring times. It will not give you good feelings but it will give you reward in the end. That is what sacrifice is all about, it will trick your mind that it only gives you bad feelings, boredom and the feeling of being outcast but in the end it will give you good feelings. It will give you rewards that you won't get if you don't sacrifice in the beginning.

It is true that you only live once but it doesn't mean that you have to become a happy go lucky person. Most people use this quote so they can do whatever they want. They will always say that they will only live once so they have to go to the useless parties, spend their money into useless vacations and also buy the things that they do not need so they will look good to the eyes of different people. Yes you only live once so why not use your life the right way? why don't you pursue your goals, make sacrifices and then see what you can become, test how big can you become.

Sacrifice is only tricking you that is hard, it is making you feel bad because you can't do what you want to do instead you are doing what you need to do. But in the end you will see that the purpose of sacrifice is to make you happy. It will make you feel that you choose the right choice so you get what you really want, you get your goals and realize your dreams. In other words sacrifice is the starting point of happiness.

If you find yourself in a moment where you needed to make a sacrifice then do it. Forget about the parties, forget about your favorite movie, forget about watching american idol. It is your duty to do the necessary things first before anything else. Because in the end you can do whatever you want if you become successful, you can party all night long, drink yourself to death and live like a rockstar. Don't think that you miss a lot of opportunities to become happy if you sacrifice a lot, it is not true. When you sacrifice a lot it means you are inviting more opportunities to become happy in the end. Happiness will become more if you sacrifice more. It is just a matter of wanting to feel bad in the beginning because you know the good feelings, the endless good feelings will come in the end.