May 05, 2016



If you are in a bar hunting girls and you got rejected twice how will you feel? of course you will feel unappreciated, you will feel like you're not good enough to be with them, you will experience emotional trauma and your confidence will go down. This is normal, everyone can experience this. If you got rejected by girls multiple times never lose confidence, maybe the right girl is just waiting for you. Don't feel ugly because you are not, just think that they cannot appreciate your looks and they don't know how to choose good looks. Reframe your mind, put your thoughts in the right position, place your thoughts in a place where it will benefit you.

If you got fired in a job don't take it seriously, yes you will lose money but you are still alive. From the first place it is your fault why you are fired in your job, stand up dust yourself off and do better next time. Next time do your job properly, take care of it and treat it like it's the last money making machine in the world. Have a mindset that you can still find another job so don't pressure yourself. There are millions of companies out there looking for a moron like you, feel happy about yourself.

If your boss is pressuring you, if your coach is pressuring you, if everyone is pressuring you...pause a little bit and tell yourself "hey, hey, hey wait a minute guys, you don't own my life, I own this, you don't have a right to put pressure on me, I will do what I can do and live with the results. Just shut up and watch me do my thing." You will feel better if you think this way, you will realized that you owe nothing to anyone so they don't have the right to make you feel bad.

Remind yourself that life is just a play, it is not a drag nor a burden. You are here to enjoy your life, it is either you play them or you get played. It is one thing or another, you have the right to choose so make the right choice. People puts pressure in their own lives that is why they cannot live freely and enjoy the time they spend in this world. They always take things seriously even if it didn't killed them. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be worried about. If you are not enjoying your life then you are just wasting it.

But when I say play with your life, don't be like a punk who is really playing and trolling around. Don't live like a trash and will do whatever you want to do, still consider the people around you and always think about the consequences of your actions. Playing means living like there is no pressure, living like playing but still treating everything as important. Live your life like a video game, you are enjoying playing and if you fail you can make another try. It can be game over but you can insert the game again and start on the first level.