May 21, 2016


This article is dedicated to dreamers who were pursuing their dreams and not giving up on it but there are some important things that is making their journey very difficult.

If you are pursuing a big dream or if your dream is too difficult when you are making realistic judgement about it then there will be lot of hindrances that will stop you from getting your dream. One of this hindrances is your parents. If you are dreaming about becoming an ultimate fighter, a great musician, an actor or pursuing a popular sports such as basketball or football then your parents will be the ones whose gonna stop you. It is simply because they have a realistic expectations for you. They want you to become an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or any profession that is possible to get by simply studying hard.

There is nothing wrong with that, they just want you to have a bright future, a stable future and they simply don't want to see you fail. You have no choice but to follow your parents because they were the ones who were providing you the means to study everyday. They support you and love you so just follow them. The path that they offer you is a good path, the only difference is you don't like it and you want to travel to the other path.

Now here is the thing, if you still want to pursue your own dream then you have to make sure that you can support yourself because if not then just do what is being asked of you. Follow your parents and live a peaceful life. Make sure you can feed yourself, buy clothes for yourself and shelter yourself because if you make a stand and disobey your parents they might force you to leave your house for being disobedient. And you will have to choose, is it comfort and staying in your house and finishing your studies or leaving and pursuing your own dream?

Now, if you choose your parents' dream for you and you stay in your house, you have no choice but to finish your studies. You have no choice but to follow their rules and set aside your personal dreams. Once you finish your studies and you can support yourself then it is time for you to pursue your personal dreams. You already fulfilled your parents' dreams and now you have a lot of time for yours, at the same time you also have the means to support your own life so there is no pressure to you anymore.

That is why education is also good, you will have an assurance that you can survive everyday because it is easier to find a job. You will have a second option if your personal dream isn't happening yet.

Finish your studies fast. In order for you to pursue your personal dream, you have to finish your studies fast because time is so fast and you might be left behind by other people who were pursuing the same dream as yours. And also by finishing your studies fast you will be able to start young pursuing your dreams and you will have a lot of time doing it.

There are lots of dreamers in this planet who were arrogant but have a weak will. They leave their parents and pursue their unrealistic dreams but when the going gets tough they come back crawling to their parents' house and ask for forgiveness.

Make a stand and pursue your dreams right away if you really believe that you can reach it and if you are willing to die for it. Don't fall into different stories about rebels who succeed by following their intuition. It is possible but you have to make a lot of sacrifices, can you do that? Are you willing to endure hunger, pain and living alone? are you willing to take all the critics and hatred of your parents? if you can then what are you waiting for? pack your bags and shoot for the stars.

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