May 14, 2016



Everyone wants to become strong, well who doesn't want to? There are many ways to become strong, there are shortcuts but those shortcuts will make you weak in the end. Those shortcuts will give you temporary and fake strength.

Now if you want to become strong physically and mentally you have to pursue goals. A long term goal is better because it will give you a purpose to wake up everyday. It will keep you desiring for something and you will find an energy from nowhere because of your desire to succeed.

If you have a goal and you want it bad enough you will live longer, you will become stronger because you will form habits that will make you strong. You want to live longer because you want to achieve that goal. A good example is a prisoner who already wanted to change and wants to become free to see his family. What he will do is he will have a lot of hope. He will make his body stronger so he will be still alive until his freedom comes. He will do the right things in prison and expect pardon. He will live longer because his desire to see his family once again is making him live another day. His goal is what makes him alive and hopeful.

An athlete that wants to become a champion will also do the things that will make him stronger. He knew that he cannot rely on other people to make his dreams come true that is why he will make himself stronger, he will do a badass training, he will eat the right foods so he will have better chance in getting his goal. He will discipline himself and he will become stronger and stronger everyday.

Pursuing goals will make you stronger because you will be forced to do things that you don't normally do. Failing is no longer an option so you will do whatever it takes to become one step closer to your goals. It seems like you dedicated your life for that dream and you won't stop until you get it.

That is why old politicians looks like immortals. Their brains were sharp as razors and they can still walk fast. It is because they have goals, they have a political will and maybe they want to earn a higher position in the government and they won't stop until they get their dreams.

Having goals, having dreams and pursuing it is what will make you feel alive and stronger. So if you want to become stronger and a better person, pursue a goal that is hard to reach. Your life will change completely. You will never be the same person again, you will have the strength to endure and the tenacity to sacrifice.

I know a person who have a goal to make his children finish their studies. I don't know where is his strength coming from. He worked 7 days a week, he have three jobs and he worked for 20 hours a day. I may sound over exaggerating but it is true. His passion to give his children good education is making his motor stronger than an ordinary person. He doesn't even get sick, his immune system and stamina is unbelievable.

This is what will happen if you have goals especially if your goal is somewhat related to your loved ones. You will have an extraordinary strength. You will look inhuman, you will push until the end, until your dreams come true.