May 20, 2016


Most people now were following technicality, they love being technical and following the mainstream. We rarely seen individuals who does different things. Most people were afraid to go the other direction because of the misconception that following your intuition and doing it the other way is a sin.

Yes being technical gives results, being technical has a lot of evidences that it can give you success. Most professionals follow the technicality because of its accuracy and proven facts.

But what if you have your own idea? what if you have your own style and you want to implement it? what if your heart tells you to do it the other way, will you still follow the technicality?

Having something in your heart and not expressing it nor believing it means you are wasting your life, you are wasting the gift that was given to you.  Yes you will be criticized by others if you use your own style that was far similar from the style of many but you will criticize yourself if you will follow them. You will have a feeling of a prisoner who is seeking for his freedom. There will be times when you want to explode but you can't do it because many eyes were looking at you.

Being technical means being limited, there are rules that you have to follow, there are ways that should be implemented or else your work will be labelled as wrong. You cannot express yourself or be yourself, you are being scientific and all of your moves must be calculated. You are following a set of PROTOCOLS and you are forbidden to break it. The layout is laid to you and you have not choice but to follow.

If you really want to live your life, if you really want to know your capabilities and limitations then you should follow your heart, follow your intuition. Don't be scared of critics, be expressive and go all out. You can only become big if you are very true to yourself. Some people were holding themselves back for too long and they don't know how to practice individuality anymore. They listen to their coaches even if their coaches were wrong. They listen to their teachers even if they have their own ideas on how to solve a problem. They can't decide for themselves, all they know is follow, follow, follow. They were so afraid to break rules because it was instilled on their minds that if they do not follow they will have to face a consequence.

True happiness is achieved by doing things on your own and not being afraid of the outcome. You do it your way. You will make mistakes, you will be forsaken but the feeling of following your heart is priceless, it is the only way to achieve freedom.

So what if they laugh at you, so what if they called you weird and stupid. What matters is you believe in yourself and you can decide for your own. If you really value the meaning of freedom then you should do it the way you knew it.

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