May 18, 2016


types of people you dont wanna fight - rugged breed

If you reach the point where you need to fight because of some circumstances like argument or competing you should be smart in choosing the person that you will fight. Admit it or not, in fighting victory is not guaranteed especially if you don't know the background of the person you are fighting. That is why in fighting business scouting your enemy is important and studying his capabilities so you can make adjustments to you style and improve some of your weaknesses. There are some people that you must not fight or I will say at least think twice before fighting them. These people have unique qualities that is why it is really difficult to fight them.

1. Crazy people - These are the types of people that you must not fight especially if the fight is happening on the street or in public places. These people are affiliated with drugs or any substance that makes them crazy. Or maybe they were mentally ill for a long time. Never fight them because they don't know what is happening around, their mindset is to simply destroy whoever is in front of them. Dealing with crazy people is really difficult because they have nothing to lose, my advise is back off and just walk away, never argue with them nor do fist fight with them. If you fight crazy people you will also be labelled as crazy. It's a lose - lose situation for you if you fight them.

2. People who have no dreams - These people are desperate, they are always ready to die so don't fight with these people. You will never win if you fight them because they don't care at all. These people were considered as a trash in the society, they do nothing, some of them were drug addicts, heavy drinkers, pushers or just a simple person that only knows breathing to stay alive. If you fight them and injure them you will be forced to pay by the government but if they are the ones who injures you they can't pay you anything. And another thing that makes these people hard to fight is they were very scandalous, they don't care if people were looking around, they will say whatever they wanted to say to humiliate you and embarrassed you. If you want to fight then fight someone with a dream because they have something to lose and they also feel fear. They can also pay you if they cause damage into your face.

3. People who were hungrier than you - This applies in fighting business like Mixed martial arts, boxing or any type of warfare business. Never fight a guy who is hungrier than you because you have a very good chance of losing. They train harder than you, they do things that are very hard to do because they were so hungry for success. That is why old and know fighters doesn't want to fight younger fighters, the younger fighters wants to make a name for themselves that is why they prepare harder. They have nothing to lose and they have everything to gain. They want to make it to the big stage so they will do whatever it takes to win.

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