May 20, 2016


Did you ever manufacture a momentum in any kind of hobby that you are pursuing? Have you build a streak that you don't want to break? streak like three straight days of jogging, five straight days of not eating junk foods, 1 week straight of biking, one month straight of earning $1000 dollars a day, 2 weeks straight of doing push ups and situps and any other streaks that you can be proud of.

Deciding to make a streak is hard maintaining it is harder so once you already build a streak, let's say a streak of 3 or 4 then don't stop, even if the next count is really hard because your body is already aching and your mental strength is running out, keep fighting to extend the streak. Once you stop extending the streak then it will be hard for you to make another streak, you may even decide not to continue anymore because you got frustrated for not extending the streak. Your body is welcoming a new streak and it is a streak of resting. A three days straight of resting and your done, it will be very difficult for you to make a come back.

If you really wanted to become great or achieve something you've never achieved before then you must make a commitment that you will never stop until you reach a certain point of success. Discipline is the only key here, prioritize your goals first and continue extending the streak until you can. Stop making excuses to not extend your streak, you can do it, you maybe overwhelmed sometimes because the longer the streak the harder for it to maintain. But the moment you start taking steps you will see that it is not that hard.

I made a streak before of running on thread mill for at least 50 mins day, I did it for at least 7 months without skip. Even if I feel tired and I don't want to do it I just step on the thread mill and then my body follows my mind. I keep on repeating to my self that this is easy, I take it one step at a time. I am so proud of my self that I made a long streak. It ended because I was not strong enough to keep it, I feel so tired and that feeling was hard to beat. There is no other one to blame but me, I am defeated by my emotions. I want immediate comfort so I become uncomfortable in the end, uncomfortable because I feel regret and I felt that all of my works for 7 months has been wasted.

Keeping a streak is a good thing, it will give you some sort of confidence. You know that you've been doing something that some people cannot do. You know you have an edge. You keep getting better and better everyday, your level is going up and up. The longer your streak become, the more you want to extend it. It feels like you don't want to stop anymore because it becomes a habit and you don't want to waste the works you've done from the past.

You can make a streak in anything, may it be about exercise, arts, making money or anything that you love or you think can make your life better. Keeping a streak is fun but at the same time it is hard. There will be moments when you wanted to end your streak because it becomes too stressful and difficult to maintain. Just like I said the longer your streak becomes, the harder for it to maintain. But it is still up to you, you can always find the motivation to keep going and keep it alive.

Just keep in mind that you will go back to zero if you end your streak. There will be regrets when you end it and it will be very difficult to comeback and do some streak again because you will always think about the current streak that you end. ONCE YOU STOP YOU MAY STOP FOREVER.

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