May 15, 2016


once it gives you good feelings it is right- rugged breed

Drugs, you are wondering if it is right? yeah it is right when it is still giving you good feelings but when your life is already in danger, when you were totally screwed up, is the feeling still good? Definitely not so it will turn into wrong eventually. Drugs are good at first, it is right at first but it will become wrong in the end when you cannot think right anymore, when you cannot do the right things anymore. The conclusion is... it is lying to you, it is making you feel good in the beginning but will make you feel sorry in the end. The good feelings is temporary, it is a fake feeling.

Being a shopaholic, you think it is right because you were getting the things that you love, you feel good even though you are buying the things that you necessarily don't need. it gives you excitement in the beginning, you were so pumped up because you feel so rich and blessed but wait until you got broke and you don't have money to pay bills, how do you think would you feel?

Just like in studying something, if you are enjoying studying something then it is right. It doesn't matter if what you are studying is popular or not for as long as you are loving the information that you are getting then what you are doing is right. It is good for your mental health, it is making you happy so if you are studying about "how ants become strong" and people were laughing at you... forget what they say. You  become mesmerized by the information that you are getting so keep studying it. If it comes to the point where you don't want to study that subject anymore and you eventually got bored then that is the time to stop, that is the time when studying about ants become wrong because you no longer get good feelings from it.

But...Sometimes, constantly looking for good feelings is deceiving you, sometimes you thought that it is right because you feel good doing it but in the end you will find out that it is wrong. Example is taking too much alcohol. You love the party, you love talking to your friends, you love the socializing and you were too much having fun, the jokes were great, the bonding is great. You will not noticed that you consume too much alcohol and in the end when you were already vomiting, you will say to yourself that what you did is wrong. And tomorrow when you have a strong hangover, you will feel regretful going to that party. One again the feeling in the beginning is great but in the end the feeling is ugly.

People were highly motivated by emotions. They do something because of the emotions they get from it. If they feel happy doing something then they will do it over and over again. But the secret is this... if you will engage yourself in an activity make sure the good emotions will be at the end and not only in the beginning. What is wrong with people is they were easily attracted to instant good emotions, they never care what will happen in the end.

What are these activities that gives good emotions in the end? These are exercise, pursuing a positive goal, building a charity foundation, developing a skill and any other activities that will give contribution to your personal growth. The feeling from beginning up to the end is right so it is right.

The moral lesson here is don't be seduced by things that blinds you and tricks you. Be mindful of choosing activities, choose activities that will give you permanent joy and not temporary pleasure.

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