May 25, 2016


not knowing will make you successful - rugged breed

Many people were so proud because they know a lot, they feel so accomplished and sometimes they feel that they were the smartest people in the world. They feel successful and they feel that they were above others. Well, success is not all about knowing a lot and having a wider scope of knowledge. You can also become successful if you don't know some things. Coincidentally you must don't know some things to survive and thrive in life. Some things that you don't know will give you an advantage and sometimes you don't know that it does.

Not knowing how to give up - You do it until you made it. You don't know how to give up even if it is irrational to still continue. You embraced the pain, you embraced the stress, you eat all the critics. You take it one step at a time until you arrive to your destination. Not knowing how to give up will make you look like crazy and literally people will even label you as a crazy person. It is simply because they don't know how it feels to want something bad. Not knowing how to give up means endless opportunities, chances will show on your way if you don't give up. Always motivate yourself and never lose hope. Not giving up is easy, for others it may look hard but it is really easy. You just need to enjoy the journey, trust the process and never look for results. Not seeing any result will make you feel the lack of something. Just enjoy doing something towards your dreams and eventually you will arrive at your designated place in the right time.

Not knowing what people say - I admire those people that seems to not know what is happening around them. They just do what they need to do, they just keep moving and have fun in life. It looks like they have a force field against criticisms and backstabbings that is going around. The look very cool, they do not worry. Everything seems very easy for them, they were always happy even if there are issues in their surroundings. I don't know if they really don't know what other people say or they just don't care at all.

Not knowing what people say about you is a very good thing. It will make you focused, it will make you motivated. There will be no distractions in you work, all you know is you are right. So if you feel that some people were talking behind you, it is better not to investigate what they say, it is better to not know it because it is not worth it. Forget about the fumes that is spreading, just do what will give you a better life.

Not knowing how to do it - I guess you are thinking how will anyone become successful if he doesn't know how to do it. Well, it still depends on the attitude of a person. Some people, if they don't know how to do it, they will never do it or even try, they will just accept what is given. But for some, not knowing something gives them a challenge, they look for ways how to become successful. They continue learning everyday because they don't know how to do it. They continuously searched for information everyday to know how to do it and that attitude can make them successful. Being eager to learn how to accomplish something is a great characteristic that will give you success. Accept that you don't know it and continue looking for information how to do it. So don't be sad if you don't know something because that ignorance will give you hunger to accomplish something great in life.